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Title: Masochist's Challenge - An IWBTG Fangame
Post by: TE-KN on February 10, 2018, 10:56:40 pm
so i've been working on a simple game for a school project i had, i decided to make an IWBTG needle game but had to remove all the trademarks from IWBTG (for instance, the kid's sprite)
The result is this game made on Java With Slick2d and Netbeans. I hope you like it!.

The game counts with 5 different Worlds, each composed of 10 levels. In order to finish a level, you must get to the green teleporter.
the music in this game was made by Bossfight and AskMeWhatzup.
Any kind of feedback is appreciated!

some pics:
: show

Basic controls:
Arrow keys: Move left/right
Spacebar: Jump
Esc: Pause
keys can be changed in the "Options" Menu

the game can be downloaded from Gamejolt for free: gamejolt.com/games/masochist_challenge/308642 (http://gamejolt.com/games/masochist_challenge/308642)
Note: you must have java 1.4 or above installed on your PC to play this game, you can download java for free on sun's page.
Note 2: the .exe file requires the dlls located inside the download folder in order to work, so don't put it on another directory