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Gaiden 1.2 patch released. Click here to download!

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Dude seariously, how the f**k you defeat that green kid on megaman's land? i think a have died like 200 times against him already...

The Copy Bot only has 5 HP, the best way to start is finding out under which circumstances he jumps and using that for your advantage.

I get an error saying "Unexpected error occured when executing." or something of the sorts.
Nobody else seems to have these errors... This started happening ever since I got this Win7, and I've checked for viri, nothing. Happens mostly on IWBTG fangames. Do you have any idea why it doesn't work? I've tried running it as Administrator (even though I am the Admin, still requires me to do that)

Never heard of that error. Is it for all fangames or just some of them?

New version up (Alpha 0.5): http://www.mediafire.com/?a70rc6z13q6t7w6

- New Area: Megaman
- (Consequently) new ability
- Improved Map
- Darkroom Challenge changed
- Many bugfixes

And again, sorry for the long wait, got a bit distracted...for...2...years. Yeah, sorry.

Hello there lads, I'm back; whatever drove me to stop the development of this is gone by now and I'm diligently working on the game again.
Thanks for all the critique in the meantime.

Holy shit dude, this is a really good fangame. I seriously don't know what to say. I like the map system. The level design seems pretty good. bosses are hard, yet fun. There's tons of features.

This is seriously the best fangame I've played in a while. I've only played through the intro so far, I might do a blind LP of this if I can figure out how to.

If you already did that, feel free to post me a link to your YT channel. But thanks for the praise.

Very nice work. May I ask how you got the sound to slow to a stop, and then resume when you restart?

Personal secret. It doesn't work without the sound dll though.

Next version will be up around Christmas, so you can look forward to play new versions of 2 fangames by then (SirRouven wants to finish his by then I heard)

I go to the second room of the game and I don't appear. I don't know what's wrong...

I've heard of this problem several times. Sorry, I can't really say what's wrong, I rechecked the code, everything seems fine.

Didn't meant you ^^
I have to respond to every person who shows me bugs

Oh, and what's the point of the penultimate room in the timed section? You can go straight to the door or take the long way round. But why?

1) To confuse players who think that the obvious way is too easy
2) In Ywi-ygi mode you can only go the way around

And music bugs are annoying as hell. I could fix that all by just leaving the slowdown effect out, but I kinda like it. So I rather have some bugs than missing that feature. But I'll try my best to fix it.

Geez, and one secret achievement isn't secret anymore :(

Yeah, please. Vague hints for now, and I'll see if I can work things out from there. Did you get those things to work, like getting over the wall above the start to drop below Arkanoid and die, and to savejump over to the right exit after beating the boss? I know that the bottom tiles of the rightmost wall (excluding the blocks) aren't solid, just like they're not solid in the seemingly pointless room with the loud MN, just right of the save.

Alright, sent you a PM.

Not solid, huh? That's because I have a method to reduce the amount of objects in the room to reduce lags. I suppose I forgot something ^^

Thanks you two. You find more bugs than my 3-head beta crew (I wonder why I pay them  >:( )

I guess I won't fix the blurred screen bug as the game makes a screenshot before you enter the menu and as the menu is still up (I guess the screen isn't redrawn by then) it makes a screenshot of the menu.

The music glitch is caused by the current music variable I assume. Never happened to me though. I guess I don't try enough things.

but still can't seem to work out any more achievements. I'll probably give up soon...

Before you quit my game completely, I'll send you a PM with some hints and, if you still can't succeed by then, the solutions for the achievements as thanks for your eager bug finding mission.

And again it worked...the achievements hunter find new bugs. Thanks for that

Edit: How the hell can you savejump?
I freeze the player as soon as he is farther than a specific x-coordinate...

The most lagging part should be the IWBTG Area as it is a 3x3 room with many objects.

Well and to increase percentage find the golden items, beat the challenges (and unlock them first of course) and uncover the whole map. Notice that there is a screen in the tutorialarea which only can be accessed after you have beaten the tutorial (not necessarily on the same saveslot. You can start a new game on any slot to be able to access the screen)

OK, it's possible to skip the Ash fight, but very difficult. Very occasionally you'll touch the floor briefly, allowing for a mid-air jump - in effect, a triple jump, allowing you to save yourself from falling into the pit. When you reach the Caines guy, he acts as if you've still got Teleport.

I tried many times and couldn't make it. I suppose you are better than me :3 And congrats to achievement 6, that's a really tough one.

Dual-core processor 1.0 GHz.
885 MB Graphics memory

Other game runs fine.

Actually it should run fine....maybe it's because I have 4 GB RAM so I can't really tell you whether 2 GB are enough. But I know for sure IWBEasy won't run on your computer. I'll try to include cleanmem.dll into my game for the next version.

Yup, surprisingly. I hoped I could get it below 500 MB but I didn't expect it to go that well.
However it is still that big because of the music files. I already made several loading areas so you don't have all music files at once (which would result in around 700 MB RAM consumption)

The game runs on 20 FPS and lagging music, and sometimes the game freezes itself. Which I need to reboot before I can continue.

Well then, sorry my friend. I could delete all the sprites and music, but I doubt you'd like the game that much by then.
Besides that: I'll try out cleanmem.dll. Maybe it helps. But I highly doubt that it will help towards the lagging music. That's handled by another dll so I can do absolutely nothing about it.
And it only occurs on your Computer. May I ask what computer configuration you have?

Small issue. If you teleport out of Dr Wily's area, the music keeps playing, even when you change area and other music is playing. You need to actually go back to Dr Wily's area and complete it to stop the music.

It happened when my save was at Dr Wily, and I went left to complete the area, did something near the start and pressed R. So then I pressed M to go back to the start and the music didn't stop.

EDIT: I've just had it happen again in the water area under the main screen, simply by warping to the start.

That shouldn't happen... I store the current music as global variable and stop it whenever you change to new music...I'll take a look on that.

EDIT 2: I've just lost my save file. I was doing the Cherry challenge and I just got into the lift that slowly goes downwards. I faced left and shot the save without leaving the lift and my save was completely corrupted.

Yup, that is the only way to corrupt your savefile completely. I found that myself but I thought nobody else gonna find that out. Well, I should go on dreaming...

EDIT 4: Minor glitch. Try collecting a rainbow ball and leaving the room before the timer runs out. Your next shot will be a special shot and there's no time limit. Also, press R from the achievement menu and it'll go back to the game. It went to File 1 for me, I don't know if it's always 1 or your most recent file.

Mh.. ok, I guess I forgot an if-case.

Yay, achievements 1, 4, 5 and 13. 100% on Medium. I want to try for other achievements but the lack of clues makes it awkward. I think I'll try playing on harder difficulties.

You can get every achievement on medium. I did the lack of clues on purpose, so people try out different things and maybe find even more bugs I missed. And 4/13 achievements is pretty good. I admit some are really evil hidden, but just challenge yourself in some spots.

Achievement 1, huh? Well you must be a real hardcore gamer ;)

And thanks for 100% it. I hope you liked it that far.

Fangames! / Re: I Wanna be Easy BETA 11.2! (12-9-2012)
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:05:55 pm »
Hey man, I just downloaded a DLL for my game wich apparently fixes some issues with memory and lag. I have no idea if it works or not but if you could try it on this game and see if you have any good results it could really help this game.

The DLL is called cleanmem.dll and is pretty easy to set up, doesn't require any major changes to any of the coding.
Hope this helps, look it up if you feel like it.

May I insert a quote of mine? There is definitely no need for cleanmem.dll if he works on the mentioned points.

Alright, I was curious why the game consumed that much ram and decompiled it.

Really? You have one color 800*608 backgrounds? There is a room option to set a background color...
The same background at a giant size (72 MB) three times and it is used as a tileset? You could reduce it to the tiles you really need and probably save 215 MB this way...

I canceled after seeing this because it is obvious why your game is that giant. Please reduce the size of your sprites/backgrounds to a point, where every single pixel is needed. Furthermore delete the sprites you don't need.

I bet doing this will reduce the size of your game to at least 700 MB.

Fun Fact: Team Fortress 2 comsumes ~600 MB

After beating IWKTG, I play this game and opened up Task Manager and this is what I got.

OVER 300 MB RAM used!

Yup, surprisingly. I hoped I could get it below 500 MB but I didn't expect it to go that well.
However it is still that big because of the music files. I already made several loading areas so you don't have all music files at once (which would result in around 700 MB RAM consumption)

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