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General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - Day Two
« on: June 08, 2012, 08:31:40 am »
I'm considering cancelling this game due to how slow I am with this particular game. Anyone want to keep on going or should I just cancel this?

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - Day Two
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:15:31 am »
HEY MOD! What got snipped?

Nothing at the moment. I'm just wondering if I should outline important rules or not.

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - Night One
« on: June 04, 2012, 10:00:41 pm »
I woke up at nine in the morning. All the other ponies were awake having toast and cupcakes for breakfast but I could see something wrong has happened. As I went up to the kitchen, I could see that all the ponies were giving me death stares making me shudder.

"What's going on?" I ask nervously.

"Rainbow Dash was found dead this morning and I believe you killed her." Twilight Sparkle responded. I try to protest and argue but Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies keep counter-attacking you making you seem more guiltier as time went. If only you It's time to now start voting. It is now Day Two.

Important Stuff
This day will last a total of Three and a half days. This means that it will end on June 8, 9:00am. Post on this thread for anything I missed out posting.

Players Killed
Neo/Rainbow Dash - Good Aligned Mason - Murdered Night One.

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - Afternoon One
« on: June 04, 2012, 06:48:39 am »
The afternoon phrase is now over and the night phrase is now just beginning. You may use your items but not explore any of the rooms during this phrase. The mafia (and any other roles that allow it) can PM each other now. You've got two days to send me your night actions.

Crap! / Re: Wut = Lose
« on: May 31, 2012, 11:31:15 pm »
Wut = lost
Laugh = lost

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - STARTING SOON
« on: May 30, 2012, 07:41:24 am »
Get ready guys. I'm starting the game at 7:00am. Good luck everypony.

Changed and Important Rules
1. The Day Phrase will last on depending on how many players are still alive. Phrase length (day) = x / 2 where x equals number of players still alive.
2. This will start in the afternoon phrase.
3. All your private conversations relating to the game will have to include me in it. This ensures that I know what's going on.

EDIT: Send all of you a role PM and locked the thread for the phrase. PM me for any questions.

EDIT: Ends in anytime in June 3.

EDIT: I'm getting a new internet connection soon so I won't be able to go online very often so expect delays. It'll still end on June 3 though.

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - STARTING SOON
« on: May 30, 2012, 03:37:43 am »
The reason I put it to be long is because to make more people get in a discussion and to investigate more. The mafiascum games usually have two week days so I think it's fair but i might change it  to make it shorter/longer if I feel like it's going to be a problem.

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - STARTING SOON
« on: May 30, 2012, 12:15:25 am »
I've stopped grinding my teeth after reading your newest description. Items, rooms, 3 phases. It actually is different and looks like you put some effort into it so hopefully this turns out good.

EDIT: Not loving the length of days though. And am I reading this correctly that you're allowing PMs between anyone as long as it's night?

What do you mean by length of days? Are they too short or too long?

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - STARTING SOON
« on: May 29, 2012, 08:24:41 pm »
You know it hasn't even started yet right. Updating later when i finish important things.

General Games! / Re: My Little Dashie Mafia - SIGNUPS
« on: May 28, 2012, 11:35:54 pm »
I'm actually surprised that some people are interested. Kind of happy though. Posting some rules now.

General Games! / My Little Dashie Mafia - Day Two
« on: May 28, 2012, 09:39:57 pm »
This mafia game is slow.

Twilight's horn touched Dashie's forehead. They were about to go back to Equestria. But then Twilight's horn stop glowing. So did Celestia's horn. They felt like they were getting weaker and weaker. Somepony must've sabotaged something but... nopony knows what exactly happened. But they all know one thing. They are not safe.

General Rules:
1. Voting and Unvoting must be in the form of Vote: Rainbow Dash and Unvote: Rainbow Dash (voting must be in bold and red).
2. Don't use encrypted text, size tags, or invisible text. If you do, you may be modkilled.
3. You will not quote or pretend to quote any pm's received from the mod. If you do, you will be modkilled.
4. Unless your role pm says otherwise, you may not talk about the game outside the thread. If you do, you may be modkilled.
5. You are not allowed to PM each other unless it is the night phrase or if I allow it.
6. You must quote your private conversations to me.
7. Once you are dead, you cannot post on this thread anymore.

Unique Rules:
1. There will be three game phrases instead of two. They will be the day, afternoon and night phrase.
2. The game would begin in the afternoon phrase.
3. While the day phrase will still consist of voting and the night phrase consists of night actions, the afternoon phrase is where you may search the house you are now in for any items to use at night.

Day Phrase
1. When a player receives a majority of the votes currently in the game, that player is lynched and the afternoon phrase begins.
2. The Day Phrase will last on depending on how many players are still alive. Phrase length (day) = x / 2 where x equals number of players still alive.

Afternoon Phrase
1. The afternoon phrase will consist of text adventure and will not take place in this thread. Instead, I will PM all of the remaining players on what room they would like to explore.
2. You can only explore two rooms per afternoon.
3. There are ten rooms in this house. They are the kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, Rainbow Dash's bedroom, hallway, backyard and games room.
4. You can't visit certain areas unless you have a key.
5. You must PM me which room you would like to explore and what to do in that room.
6. You can have more than one player in a certain room at the same time. Doing so will allow you to privately PM each other on as long you are still in the same room.
7. You may not kill other players during this phrase.
8. Afternoon phrases will last a usual maximum of five days.

Night Phrase
1. You must send your night actions to me within 48 hours. You can also decide to use an item in your inventory if you want.
2. You may PM each other only if your role allows it. Also make sure you include me in your conversation so I know what is going on.

Failure to follow these rules could result in a modkill.

Players Still Alive
3. Superhero
4. SilentLoner
5. Valkama
6. Nono
7. PonyWithPasta
8. Starz0r Ponchichi (replacing Starz0r)

Players Still Dead
Neo/Rainbow Dash - Good Aligned Mason - Murdered Night One.

Crap! / Re: HowtoBasic Videos
« on: May 27, 2012, 01:53:46 am »
his videos are hilarious in clever ways like how to blow up an egg and how to pour milk in your tea correctly with gently putting the toast on the saucer

In what logical way are those things funny?

Tricking us into thinking the egg will blow up with the match lit in it, and then just smashing it to bits, and dumping milk into a cup of tea as to correctly adding it.

it's like irony humor. they really DON'T show you how to do those.

Exactly. You're supposed to expect the unexpected in these videos. In one of his videos, he made legit mince beef.

When you just feel the urge to throw apples at everyone in sight

...while wearing gloves.

I can't stand snakes at all.

When you try to jump on clouds.

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