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Help! / Is this normal..? (strange room, some spoilers)
« on: April 09, 2008, 02:21:08 pm »
Ok so I already completed this game once then lost everything on my pc, I showed this game to a friend in order to put someone else through what i've been through >: D

The problem is his savefile got deleted and he was only up to the bit before mecha birdo so I figured i'd redownload this game (as I lost it) get up to where he was and create a save file for him there for him to carry on as he was gonna give up.

The wierd thing is I got to the ghosts n' goblins area when the game debugged, I was kinda used to this so I just tried to reload the game up, so I minimised the game in the background for a while and when I reopened it I was in a strange area that i'd never seen before, it was the same setting as the guy's castle and it had a portrait of every boss inside it, kind of like the divine room of transportation, jumping into a portrait took you to the boss battle, or sometimes one screen before it.

Anyway i'd never seen anything like it, it had a running timer ingame and a death counter that was constantly on the screen and I thought it was some kind of boss survival thing that had been added into the latest version (as I completed it on the version where the guy used to glitch bullets at you after he broke through the window) but when I beat Mike Tyson it let me carry on with the game until I died and it brought me back to this wierd room...

I was just wondering if this is normal and something that's been added in since I last played, or if I glitched into one of Kayin's testing areas or something :o


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