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Fangames! / I Wanna Save the Dude (Incomplete)
« on: January 10, 2013, 05:18:20 am »
Hi, And This is going to be about the fangame I am (Hopefully) Making Called I Wanna save the Dude It's going to be about what i think happened to the Guy BEFORE The Kid was born, and his Brother, The Dude, is taken, so he goes out to try and save him (I Believe he wasn't ALWAYS Mad)

This is No Way Near Finished, and it may never get finished because I have no idea how to use 3/4 of Gamermaker  :-[

But Here I will keep you all updated, and I'm Hoping the Finished version will contain:
8-9 levels, with about 10 maybe less boss's
4 different difficulty modes
A Story Line
Secret Items (idk how many yet)

I May be thinking too much here, but this is want I'm planing for it.

There is no Download link yet, as it is beyong playable at the moment, but hopefully in the future (maybe in like 50 years) it will be in a playable state and I will put a Download Link up :D

Wish me luck on my Adventure :)
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