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General! / Post counter?
« on: July 26, 2013, 06:46:40 pm »
I posted in Word Association topic and my post counter didn't change. (from 47 to 48.)

What is this?

Crap! / Most Unfair traps
« on: July 20, 2013, 09:28:38 pm »
Post your deaths here.  ;D

Fangames! / Hardest Bosses in Fangames
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:10:02 pm »
.Please leave your list here and i will add the bosses to the master list. Tell me any ortography error i commit because my english is bad.

-----MASTER LIST-----

1. Dj Curly Brace from I Wanna Kill the Guy

It's a hard boss. NONE of your abilities will work with her. First time i battled it i say: "OK this is a hard boss i will try it three times" died one time and i leaved.

2. Solgryn from I Wanna Be the Boshy

Do you think Sonic and Megaman are hard? Think again! You are facing one of the hardest final bosses. Also, is a very good boss, laughed a lot when weird things happened (Ryu? Robot masters? Sonic? WTF!!)

3. Geezer from I Wanna Kill the Guy

Geezer is good, but he's a computer and when the virus VVVVVV takes him, he will turn bad.
An epileptic boss that shoots Goombas, Spinys, bats and spiders at you. Simply hard. Just see the video from Vardoc:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwhEMBWQ--Q    --About an hour trying to beat him and he can't.--

4. Gameboy from I wanna be the GB:

It's a long, long boss. Third (or four?) phases to get to the ****ing DS and a fucking ball kills you.
And... Seriously? GAY BOY? The Gameboy Kid wants to be the Gay Boy? WTF??
Frustration from Vardoc:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEY2UXAUyaw  --See 9:29.--

5. Balrog from I wanna be the Weegee.

No comments, since i haven't fought him.

6. Dark Silver from I wanna be Myself

No comments, since i haven't fought him.

7. Crystal King from I wanna be Myself

No comments, since i haven't fought him.

8. Hatsune Miku second version from I Wanna be the Love Trap

Once you learned the patterns, it's easy to survive and take her down.

9. Giant The Kid both versions from I Wanna be the Love Trap.

It's hard to avoid the bullets, shoot the eyes of the clon and avoid the cherries, but it's possible.

10. Solgryn from I wanna take the Time Machine.

I don't know how the battle is, but i think is similar to the original battle.

11. Demon Kid from I wanna be the heaven trap

Similar to the giant clon of the kid in Love Trap, but now he doesn't shoot. Take his eyes down, avoiding the fruits, and you will win.

12. Angelic Kid from I wanna be the heaven trap 2

Same as Demon Kid, but not the same pattern.

13. God from I wanna be the heaven trap 2

The final boss. A little bit hard to take the first phase down, and now, prepare for the challenge.

14. Influka from I wanna take the time machine.

Devil Dragon? Tyson? Dracula? Fruits? Bouncing balls? WTF?
The final boss. Hard. Learn the patterns first.

15. Kamilia from I wanna kill the kamilia 1/2

Kamilia played Touhou so much and now you need to evade save points, spikes, coloured delicious fruit, teleporters, projectiles, while changing from an I wanna be the fangame scenario to a vampire's face. If you learned the patterns and your view and reflexes are good, is possible to beat her.

16. Ultimate Luigi from I wanna be the diverse

Not only Luigi wants to kill you, Mario too. Try to evade the fireballs, jump over Luigi, jump over Mario and shooting they at the same time.

17. Reimu from I wanna be the shrine maiden 2

YOU will know about this Touhou-styled fangame. A piece of insanity. A ****ing epileptic boss. Geezer is easier than this player clon (Reimu is the player and the final boss.)
I want to see you beating this boss.

18. Block from I wanna be the TAS

Haven't fought him.

19. Titan Dweevil from I Wanna be the Destination

Another stupid Touhou boss, with the stupid fruits, (if you're making a fangame, don't put fruits, they are over used) the stupid big fruits, the stupid IWBTG tiles, and a stupid spike that runs across the floor and shoots projectiles.

That's why i hate Asian fangames. (no creativity to make a fangame, just another crappy copy of IWBTG.)

20. 4 Gods from I wanna be the Crimson

A paint-drawed boss, with the overused fruits and the ugly colored fruits. Not that hard, but it's boring to survive there, and when you are about to kill the boss, you die and you rage-quit the game.

21. Taiko Drum from I wanna be the Barrage

Another Touhou boss. The patterns are so weird and hard. And the boss is (again) an image from something that shoots projectiles at you. The background weird and tiles ripped from IWBTG. Extremely hard if you missed one part of the patterns.

22. Final Boss in I wanna be the Barrage


Note: The asian fangames are weird, but some bosses are creative (enemies not ripped from IWBTG) like the 4 gods. Asian fangames are insanely hard, and they have the most unfair traps, but that's the point of every game of I wanna be. (the point of every game is troll the player and make him cry, shout and rage-quit the game)

-----People who helps----- (thanks!  :) )

Sirius, ForestFalcon, infern0man1, merg (MyEveryRottenGiggles)


Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Going offscreen
« on: July 02, 2013, 07:19:26 pm »
I discovered that you can go offscreen in The Factory and in The Graveyard.

To go offscreen in the graveyard area you need to get the secret item.(the one to the right of the entrance to Mecha Birdo) Stand where the item was. Now do an air-jump to the right over the spikes and you will get in an endless fall. I saw a glitch in the endless file, with The Kid standing in a pillar of blocks and Mecha birdo in the right side of the room.

To go offscreen in The Factory you need the Metroid's secret room enemy. Wait to the enemy to appear, safe, in the start of the room. When the enemy appears, try to shoot him in the exact moment to make a platform to stand.
Jump on the freezed thingy and jump over the roof. Now go left or right to see something interesting

Help! / Safe spot in mother brain
« on: July 02, 2013, 06:53:37 pm »
Is possible to stand in the very edge on the mother brain's crystal without dying?
I tried but the crystal stills killing me!

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