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Help! / Whoops, help please
« on: October 26, 2008, 08:01:33 pm »
so i went on the upper path in the game. i was headed to dracula's castle and i went up the air vent and was in the castle. i went back down the air vent just to see what was on the other side and i see that it is to get to The Guy and i enter a warp to see where it takes me because i didn't read first. so i get teleported back to the begining and i press "r" to go back to my save in draculas castle. instead it brings me back to the guy's warp. now i really don't want to go back from the beginning to go back to draculas castle.

so i'm asking for a save file thats at dracula's castle on medium difficulty. i had around 200 deaths but right now i could care less if there was 10,000. i defeated mike tyson and mecha birdo and was excited to see dracula. so if anybody could help me that would be great. thanks all.

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