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Help! / IWBTG! Full Map V.1.0
« on: December 05, 2007, 03:47:36 am »
Here is the first in what i hope to be many versions of IWBTG! the Official Walkthrough~Neodrakan

With it Being Ver.1.0 and everything,and not even being the complete Guide,I decided to keep it as one giant map for now.With As little "spoilers" visible on the map as possible,and even some of the Boss Rooms are kept a secret.With Later Versions of this guide,i plan on including a fully detailed Step by Step or Screen by Screen walkthrough detailing as much info as you should need to know(Cherry falls up here,Apple falls down here,etc.)and a few other nifty sketches and such.So here it is,in Low Res Version

Version 1.0 is done on "Medium" Difficulty to show all available Save Points**Expect to see ALOT of these saved points removed if played on a higher difficulty**

Screens That have a "Boss Thumbnail" on the Upper Left Handside are rooms that indicate that a Boss is Dwelling there OR around the general area

After Destroying Dracula,You shall be warped 1 room to the left of the "Castle Gates" or the Right Hand side of the "Fan Room"
To Repeat myself,Future Versions will Include
*Both Full Map and Broken Down "Paths" in higher Quality
*Available in .Zip format
*Better Details

....god i'm tired V_V

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / New Game on Impossible
« on: November 12, 2007, 01:40:26 am »
so i was stupid enough to start a new game on Impossible mode. and,knowing everything pretty well,i decided to go the Zangief path. i made it past the tetris screen onto the Kirby sequence before dying for the first time.

right as i press "R",i see that i have skipped ALL of the kirby screens and land right above the Zangief room. i fall down and take out zangief no problem.This leads to the normal exit,nothing big.

I make it towards the room with the Quickman Beams,right as i'm about to clear it.i fall to my death for the 2nd time.no biggie,i'll just push R again.I do.Only now,i have spawned in the Koopa Kopter boss room and forced to trigger it (By touching the walls).Koopa is just a pushover and i pwn him with no problems.Now i clear the next few rooms,only to die again from the flying turret machines.

Now this is where the game freezes.After dying from those turrets and pushing "R" i spawn at the Ryu/Fan room.I spawn with the fan on,at the right side of the room.and i can't move towards the right onto the "Castle of the guy Screen".

Pressing "R" will only spawn me at the same point and pretty much stuck forever,seeing as how i can't turn off the fan or even come close because ryu would pwn me even if the fan was off.

So yeah,there ya go kayin...just a few bugs tossed towards ya

General! / The Guy
« on: November 04, 2007, 06:38:28 pm »
I didn't see this anywhere on FAQ's or these forums to IWBTG

but,i remember distinctly that in a certain email from StrongBad(The anime email) Homestar says

Hey stinkoman,everybody says you're the guy,but,i wanna be the guy too!

so,my question was,is this where IWBTG derives from?

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