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General! / IWBTG:Gaiden Achievements
« on: July 20, 2012, 03:15:32 pm »
This thread will list all achievements within the game and how to get them. Their attainment methods will be kept to spoilers.

I will update this with each individual picture for the achievements, just wanted to get it written first.

General Trophies

-First of Many (Bronze)
Die once

-Hyakuretsu Dead (Bronze)
Die 100 times

-Shin Shungokusatsu (Bronze)
Die 1000 times

-Cartogoria (Bronze)
Die on the world map

To get all 4 of these at once:
Keep resetting while on the world map until you reach 1000 deaths, then die on the map.

Act 1 Trophies


- W.V.B.A. Champion (Gold)
Beat Bald Bull

- Act 1 Ironman (Platinum)
Clear all three stages with 0 deaths (bugged, unlocks unconditionally in the release build, does not unlock in the patched build?)

Stage 1-1

-Do a Barrel Roll (Bronze)
Die to one of DK's barrels

-Scaling The Tower (Gold) -
Instead of going though the spikes and barrel corridors up to Donkey Kong, you use your grappling hook to go up the LEFT side of the tower to get to him.

Stage 1-2

- No Pattern Recognition (Bronze)
Jump into Sagat's axe

- Drunken Missile Run (Gold)
Make it from the save point at the beginning of the 2nd room, to the save halfway through, without killing any soldiers. You will get the achievement even if you die, so long as you start using the save point before a rocket hits you.

Stage 1-3

- Bad Apple (Bronze)
Die to a Rotten Apple during Bald Bull's 2nd phase

- Red Herring (Gold)
Jump on the cloud that is furthest to the right instead of riding up the spike bar in room 3


- Bugged Act 1 Ironman (Platinum)
Beat the game with the release build?

General! / Curse/Alternate Modes Discussion & Info
« on: July 17, 2012, 11:58:33 pm »
Current Status: No alternate modes enabled

Please feel free to drop any videos you may have made of this mode in this thread, they'll be updated in the OP.

This thread will cover IWBTG:Gaiden's alternate modes that are available for play. All modes are enabled and disabled remotely by Kayin (for now), and have different modifiers to their names. This is not a final list of modes, more is bound to come. This post will be updated accordingly.


Curse Mode

Curse Mode is a throwback to Castlevania II's "What a horrible night to have a curse" modifier, which greatly increases nearly every difficulty aspect within the game.

Here is my first video showing Yang being added to Chun-Li/Zangief under this mode:


This mode is subject to AT LEAST the following conditions:

-Enemies take 1 charged shot + 1 regular shot to kill
-Increased enemy spawns
-Increased traps
-Persistent red graphic overlay greatly affects visibility. Kayin *MAY* manually enable a coloured overlay to go with the message's theme ("What a terrible night to have a curse" = red, "Pure Black World Tendency" = black, etc.)
-Some traps are now quicker than normal
-More abusive boss behaviour (DK throws 1 extra barrel per throw, Sagat spams tiger shots all day long)
-Bald Bull is replaced by Mr.Sandman.

New additions/one-time deals

-A hovering Lakitu that throws DK barrels has been added to the most recent Curse Mode on the Aug 11-12 weekend in lieu of achieving 100,000 downloads.


This mode alters stage 1-1 ONLY to have 4 Donkey Kong spawns instead of the usual one. One at the start, one at the top of the first tower, and two stacked on top of one another at the end. There are no modifications to Stage 1-2 or 1-3.

EVO Mode

This mode sets the game to the build played by Floe during EVO 2012 and has a slew of fighting game references found within, including 15 special death emotes that play at random during a death.


Boss only

[HD] Donkey Kong (Blind) - played by MaxX
[HD] Sagat (Blind) - played by MaxX

Full Stages/Playthroughs

[HD] Stage 1-1, No Deaths - played by MaxX
[HD] Stage 1-2 - played by MaxX

Gorilla Escape!

[HD] No Deaths - played by MaxX

EVO Mode

[HD] All Death Emotes

NEW ACTIVATION METHOD (WIP, credit to Poochy.EXE for the info)

While the game is running, it periodically checks the following URL:
Intercept that HTTP request and you can replace it with something of your own.

The data string is in the form "$message$mode$". The message is displayed at the top of the screen, and the mode is used to activate/deactivate the alternate modes. For multiple modes, separate them with $, such as "$Curse and EVO modes activated!$evo$hard$". Curse and EVO modes activate the next time you hit retry or start a level.

Here are the mode strings I've found so far:
hard: Curse Mode
normal: Deactivates Curse Mode
evo: EVO Mode
devo: Deactivates EVO Mode
reverse: Reverses left and right on controls.
planel: Causes a plane to fly in from the left, aimed at The Kid. Only happens once, although changing the data string at all causes it to happen again as long as you leave the "planel" in there.
planer: Same as planel but the plane flies in from the right.
sonic: Causes Sonic to appear and crash into The Kid to kill him.
baron: A white ghost thingy appears and periodically chases after The Kid. Unlike the last few, this one continues to occur on subsequent retries. I don't know how to deactivate it.
scream: Loud scream with flashing screen.
batman1; batman2; batman3: A fake Skype call from Batman. Each of 1-3 has a different message.
move: Hand appears and picks up The Kid.
angle,X: Rotates everything by X degrees. So for example, "angle,180" gives you upside-down mode.
spin,X: Makes the screen spin. X determines the speed.
overlay,b,X: Darkens everything by X percent. "overlay,b,100" will make everything pitch black.
overlay,r,X: The red overlay for Curse Mode, also X percent.
crash: Crashes the game.

To enable these alternate modes and other things within the game without waiting for Kayin to do it remotely, download IWFWTG (I Wanna Fuck With The Guy) here: http://kayin.pyoko.org/iwbtg/forums/index.php?topic=17063.0

Presets for IWFWTG can be found here: http://pennycreations.zymichost.com/iwfwtg/presets/


The game checks for tweets on this twitter account: https://twitter.com/AggressiveMenac

"Aggressive Menace" is the supercomputer who brought about the near-extinction of humanity in 1967's "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison.

More specifically, the client pulls this page: http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?include_entities=true&include_rts=true&screen_name=aggressivemenac&count=1&trim_user=true

Kayin (presumably) tweeted "$What a Terrible Night to have a Curse$b,r,75$h$", which made the client display the message, put on a red overlay, and turn on hardmode.

These variables are plaintext in the executable, making it trivial to direct the client to check your own twitter account and play with it from there, or just edit the variables directly to force hardmode, debug mode (End key beats the level, and Delete warps you to the mouse cursor location.  We saw this being used on the EVO stream.), reversed controls, or some other options.

So, I beat Mecha birdo on medium (a save im playing to get all the items), and I save in the next room. I miss the warhead jump and plummet to my death. I hit R and the game crashes. I restart, and my save has a screenshot of the room I was in, but no record of mecha birdo being killed because i didnt get the orb. When I load this game, it quickly flips by the gameover screen for a sec and then puts me in the room right after tyson.

Not sure if this is recreatable or not.

First, this kinda stems from an already existant bug:

If two or more kids are directly in line with one another and cross to the exit, they'll count as one kid.

this happens in the sandbox level, which makes it traditionally impossible to "complete" if you wanted to.

Well, I wanted to, so I hit "h" a few times to keep the kids separated as they fell, and managed to get them all to register in the exit, so I finish and it congratulates me.

Now any record of stage 1's completion is gone, but stage 2's completion record is still there. Now I can't go to stage 3 unless I do 1 again.

Not a big deal, just like the other bug I posted, but I figure it's better to get these things out in the open before you start working on this game a little more, Kayin.

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / IWSTK - sandbox infinite "jibs" bug.
« on: January 27, 2008, 05:00:21 pm »
I don't know whether this was the intent to begin with, but if you start a level with your cursor already over a job, it'll automatically select itself.

Using this, if you very, very, very quickly take your cursor from digger over to the two kids that fall and exit right away, and manage to touch them before they exit, they'll disappear as if they've gone into the exit, but they won't register. You'll then see the breakable blocks below where they were start to break as if being dug through, but the kids still aren't visible.

The invisible kids will fall to their death in a splatter of blood that keeps generating infinitely, and immediately has an impact on game performance, to the point where after 5secs, the fps is probably <5.

I know it's the sandbox and all, and as such, this really shouldn't matter, but it may be something that could be recreated in future levels, so I thought I'd point it out now.

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / [bug] Mecha Birdo's sprite after dying
« on: January 20, 2008, 06:06:53 am »
any completed stages of Mecha Birdo stick to the sprite on future tries if you die before beating him(her).

Example: I destroy the antenna, eyes go red, I die. On trying Mecha Birdo again, the eyes remain red at the beginning of the fight, but I still have to destroy the antenna again.

Example 2: I destory the eyes and die, when trying again, Mecha Birdo will appear with the eyes already busted open, but again, you'll still have to destroy the antenna (which isn't affected by this bug, oddly), and then destroy eyes which already look destroyed.

Medusa Heads - if struck by a medusa head while already turned to stone, the kid will be stuck on run until he either dies, the user hits R, or he gets touched by another medusa head.

Saving in the room above "the spike room" - this seemed to happen either coming from the spike room, or coming from the left through the little section after Mecha Birdo. If you save in this room and the kid is touching the floor anywhere from what seemed to be the middle to the far left of the room, hitting R to load from that save will cause the kid to fall through the floor and into the spike room.

You can just jump back up, but it seemed that unless you saved right next to the save point, this happened. I tried it from a bunch of different spots.

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Dying while turned to stone
« on: January 18, 2008, 08:33:02 pm »
I didn't see any threads dedicated to this, so sorry if there is, or if it's a known bug already.

If you die while having turned to stone, you'll hear the SE for the kid breaking out of his stone form, and you'll be able to move, invisibly, from where you died.

If you shoot, you can see your shots, so you can actually track where you're going.

This makes it possible to die by medusa head, fall like 4 screens to the bottom of the tower area, and hit the save down there, as an example.

You can't, however, double-jump while this is happening. Otherwise it'd technically be possible to beat the whole game this way. So getting to drac in this state is impossible, or doing anything notable. But it's still worth pointing out.

this has been a "bug" since the earliest version of the game...I was just never part of the forums to point it out.

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Very Hard save placement
« on: January 18, 2008, 01:28:21 pm »
Although I was 5 bosses into my first very hard run when RC2 came out and haven't finished it yet to give feedback on other rearranged save spots, I'll comment on one that I immediately noticed.

Adding a save to the room above the moving spikes room in the ghouls n' goblins section in v.hard is giving people a break, my opinion though.

I was on that section, pulling my hair out when I discovered a total abscence of saves for the entire area, and then got RC2 and was a sadpanda.

I got through having to beat Dracula's castle in one shot though, I hope there wasn't a save added somewhere in that too.

I'll comment more when I replay through what I had done before changing over to RC2.

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