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Help! / Boss Guide (HP, strategies, everything)
« on: February 04, 2008, 12:06:36 am »
I wonder what everyone's strategy is for taking down all the bosses. I'd like to share mine, but rather than clog up the leaderboard thread, I decided to make a separate topic. So, here are my methods. I'm sure they're not the best, but I think they'll fetch some solid times. If anyone's confused then I'll try to describe a little more, or even provide a video if necessary.

I guess I'll start off with the timer first. Once you pass this line, the timer will start:

So, by jumping as far as you can before crossing the line, you can save up to a little more than one second of time if you choose one of the top 3 bosses. If you decide to pick a top boss (Dragon Devil, The Guy), you can hit their icon at 0:00:11. The one below that (Drac, Kraidgief) can yield a time of 0:00:20.

If you don't really care for saving a second (and yeah, it's kinda screwy anyway), walking to one of the top 3 bosses will get you 0:01:15. The bottom bosses will get you 0:01:21.

Alright, with that out of the way, let's get to the boss strats. Starting from the upper left and going counter-clockwise...

Dragon Devil:

HP: 50
-to 1st crossover attack: 10
-to 2nd crossover: 15
-to 3rd crossover: 25

The key to getting a low time seems to lie in making the dragon cross over three times with no breaks in between. This means that once you do the initial block jumping, the dragon will open its mouth and breathe fire 4 times. After, it'll execute its 3 cross overs and then you'll jump over the blocks again to finish the dragon off.

I haven't quite mastered it yet, but what I try to do is stand on the upper left block. I avoid the fireballs by jumping in place. The first time the dragon opens its mouth, I hit it about 5 times. If you hit it too much at this point, it will start its first cross over. After this, I hit it as much as I can on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th points of attack.


HP: 32
-before summoning ectoplasm: 13
-after summoning ectoplasm: 19

This guy is random, so you'll need a little luck. I usually start with Dracula when doing a full boss rush for this reason alone. You'll want to get this guy down in two passes. The first time he teleports in, you should be able to hit him enough to get those purple ectoplasms to appear. The second time, you should be able to finish him off.

2 things are needed to take Dracula down quickly: a favorable attack pattern and a position near the middle. Favorable attacks would be the fire and the apple spam (you'll have plenty of time to hit him before he starts to fill the screen with apples). The reason you want Dracula near the middle is so that your bullets don't have to travel so far before you can fire again.

It seems to be possible to take Dracula out with one attack phase, provided you meet a few conditions. First off, Dracula needs to use his apple spam attack. Second, Dracula needs to be somewhat close to the middle. Lastly, you'll need to MASH MASH MASH! I've done it with autofire, but I haven't pulled it off yet normally (I've come somewhat close...).

Vid of destroying Dracula by some random dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMBvEOrRIKc

Clown Copter:

HP: ~70   (tildes denote approximation)
-Bowser: N/A (1 if you count the bomb)
-Wart: ~50
-Wily: ~20

There's not much you can do to lower your time against Bowser or Wart. At least for Wart, you can lower your time somewhat by getting as close as possible to the bullet and jumping up to hit the middle section (the bullets will travel less distance here).

As for Wily, you should be able to take him out with only one bowling ball. Stay as close as possible, and jump up to decrease your bullets' traveling distance. Jump over it and start shooting again and Wily should be down as the bowling ball exits to the left of the screen. It might even be possible to take out Wily as the bowling ball passes the middle of the screen.

*Clown Copter room glitch: As of recent updates, the max bullet count increase bug was fixed...somewhat. Anyway, to do this glitch, stand on the ground and keep firing at the left side of the screen. You should notice that your max bullet count is more than 3 (yeah, why is this room limited to 3 bullets anyway?). However, DO NOT STOP FIRING! If you stop firing, your bullet count will fix itself back to 3. How does this glitch help? Well, it takes Wart down slightly faster, but its major use is against Wily. With this, it's possible to take him out before the bowling ball even starts rolling.

Vid of crushing the Clown Copter by some random dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78s_u7TAaGk


HP: 15
-each KO: 5

I guess it's obvious to everyone that you'll KO Tyson each time he opens his mouth. What you can do to lower your time a bit is just simple timing. Lure Tyson toward one end of the screen, and then time it so that as he opens his mouth, your bullets will already be in position. Also try jumping into him so your bullets travel a short distance.

Vid of taking out Tyson by MaxX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIu_4nbdxHk

The Guy:

HP: 48
-first attack phase (gun, firebomb, running): 30
-second attack phase (big bullets): 14
-third attack phase (ricocheting bullets): 4 ricocheted bullets

Fire 4 shots straight at The Guy, and then drop down and get into a position where you're close to the left side and where you'll avoid his fire attack. When The Guy jumps over to the left side, jump up and fire. He'll drop down soon after, so let him have it.

He'll head back to the right side, so jump on the left side and fire 2 streams of shots. Avoid his big bullet spreads. The Guy will make his way to the left platform, so wait for him to come. As he jumps on top, jump over him, turn around and blast him. This part is a little tricky, 'cause he'll immediately charge to the middle to start his final attack. You'll need to play with this a little to find a safe spot to avoid contact collision death. Try to blast him as you avoid his 2 spread shots, and then immediately drop down. Quickly pump The Guy full of lead to force him into his next attack pattern. After this, finish him off by reflecting 4 bullets back at him. Make sure to jump up to grab the gun to shave off a little time. (thanks to the speedster himself Cauldrath for his vid)

Vid of greasing The Guy by Cauldrath: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqXg4J4rpz0


HP: ~115 (tildes denote approximation)
-first attack phase: 15
-second attack phase: 10
-third attack phase: ~90

Kraidgief glitch. 'Nuff said. Actually, I don't know how to pull it off in the newer release builds. Someone wanna fill this in for me, or at least give some hints? At any rate, there's a little luck involved in getting lower times. His first attack pattern should be easy enough to blaze through.

For his second pattern, though, make sure you don't repel Kraidgief too far away; you don't want your bullets to waste time traveling a long distance and you don't want Kraidgief taking any more time than necessary to get into position for his third attack pattern. Now, here's where luck plays its minor role. Kraidgief has 3 attacks: hadoken, headbutt, and walk-in. I haven't explored this a lot, but I think the hadoken's the favorable attack. If you hit him enough in the first phase, you'll only need him to launch one hadoken. Whatever the case, the walk-in attack is the slowest.

As Kraidgief does his spinning lariat, jump up and follow the bottom of his fist carefully. Get as close as you can without making contact with him. Once he stops, immediately jump and fire at his head. If you drained enough HP in the first attack phase, you should be able to skip the second phase. (thanks to Ruzy for suggesting this)

Finally, the third attack. Before you hit the second Blanka platform, keep shooting at Kraidgief. If you're lucky, the bullets that ricochet will hit his head. But if you're unlucky, your max bullet count my be reduced. When you get to the second platform, you should be able to jump up 3 times and fire at his head. Any more and the fourth platform will appear instead of the third one.

Mother Brain:

HP: 112
-each barrier: 19     
   *4 barriers: 76
-the brain (including glass): 36

Immediately start firing to the left at the first barrier. Remember that you can stand right beside the barriers by jumping into them. If the timing's right, you should be able to cross through the top area safely. Take out the second barrier, and then walk to the next screen.

Here, sometimes the top turret will act differently. It will either fire twice in succession, or fire once and then start aiming at you. Wait for the right time to cross and then take out the two barriers. From here, concentrate on attacking Mother Brain while staying alive. Remember that the rinkas (circle thingys) will spawn in intervals, and with the beginning of each interval, it will travel to your last position. Try to lure them to a favorable position while staying close as possible to Mother Brain.

*Mother Brain safe spot: Well, it's not exactly a safe area to stand in as both the turret and rinkas can get you, but this is a prime location for taking out Mother Brain. After its glass is broken, there is a very small area where you can stand on (it'll look like you're falling though). If you reach this area, you can fire away without delay.

Vid of mashing the Mother Brain by some random dude: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SoWlK8ARZfE

Mecha Birdo:

HP: ~50 (tildes denote approximation)
-antenna: ~30
-eyes: 15
-mouth: ~5

First off, if you're using the slowdown build (or your CPU is being stressed, fs or slo-mo), Mecha Birdo's eggs will follow a different pattern. I have no idea whether this can be manipulated into an advantage. Whatever the case may be, I'll describe the 'normal' pattern.

You'll want to get to the third egg that Mecha Birdo fires. It should be the highest of the first three. Stand at the middle of the top platform, and wait until the antenna is able to be hit. Fire at it, jumping twice at first, then stand, and then finish it off with a jumping attack. You might be tempted to jump into it to finish it off, but don't. It'll leave you in a bad position to attack Mecha Birdo's eyes. Just stay on the egg you're already on.

Fire 4 shots at Mecha Birdo's eyes, and then jump toward the right. Stay to the right as much as possible. Once the eyes are gone, keep to the right and fire at the mouth. Time your jumps so that you're in position when the eggs come out. The eggs appear slightly ahead of Mecha Birdo, so you'll avoid the warhead tip if you're in the right spot.

Vid of mutilating Mecha Birdo by MaxX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-hjTbayw3g

Feel free to post questions or criticism (I'm sure there'll be a lot of this) you may have, and share your own strategies if you want!

EDIT BY dsk: New info from Dr. Tran

stage one results: 13, 13, 13
stage two results: 15, 16, 18
stage three results: 1, 1, 1

So you guys who keep saying it takes 50-60 shots to kill Dracula are very wrong.

Tyson: 5 shots for every stage. There were no discrepancies in the trials

Devil Dragon:
Each race has 11 blocks
Stage one results: 10, 11, 10, 10, 10
Stage two results: 15, 16, 16
Stage three results: 26, 26, 24

Note: Extra shots on one stage will count towards the next

stage 1: 30, 30,33
stage 2: 14, 13, 14
stage 3: 4, 4, 4

Note: Form 2 hitpoints were not tested since it is not fought in the boss rush and I felt too lazy

Bowser (hits on the bomb-omb): 3, 3, 3
Wart (hits on Banzai Bullet): <to be tested later>
Wiley: 18, 18, 18

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Mother Brain safe spot
« on: January 31, 2008, 10:47:47 pm »
Don't know if this one is new or not. After breaking the protective glass, there's a very small area where you can 'stand' on. Actually, it'll look like you're falling, but you won't move.

AngelofApathy found a glitch where you can walk through the wall in the break out room. It involves waiting for a bottom block to be destroyed, and then you simply walk into it and come out to the Vic Viper room. I played around with this a little, and after beating the Vic Viper room, I managed to walk through the ceiling of the Haggar room. Heh, I even walked through the front door, only to be disappointed with a somewhat empty room.

Also, I seem to be limited to 3 bullets max when taking the lower path. When trying to increase my bullet count in the Copter room, it reverts back to 3 bullets after I stop shooting for a while. If I don't stop firing, I will keep my increased bullet count, just long enough for a faster kill against the last 2 parts of the Copter boss.

General! / Can you fly, sister?
« on: January 15, 2008, 06:40:11 pm »
Here is a clip where a bird is used to skip a part of the level in the Ghosts path. My apologies if this is old.

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Path to a warp zone?
« on: November 30, 2007, 10:27:06 am »
Heh I'm sure people have already tried this but I thought I'd put this up. From the guts room you usually drop down to the floor and continue on to the right. You can jump to either side of the ceiling at the moment the screen changes from the first room to the next one. Remember that the transition from some rooms, including this one, requires you to depress any keys before you progress. I think you can hold down left or right to help you make the jump.

If you take the right path, you'll reach an apparent dead end in the laser room. If you jump up (make sure you're at the farthest right end, jumping in the middle usually kills you), you'll be taken to a room with a unit and the copter right above it. On the left path, you'll see a boss room followed by a white screen.

I think it would be pretty neat if one of these areas led to a warp zone of sorts, or just move the teleport room here. It's sorta like Mario, in the sense that you're above the 'ceiling' in 1-2 to get to the warp zone...

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Spike room glitch
« on: November 21, 2007, 06:22:19 pm »
I don't think this bug has been reported on the forums, so here goes.

After beating one of the lower path bosses, you'll come across the infamous spike room. At the last part of that area, you can skip the last bit by doing a little glitch. To do this, you have to get to the area in between the farthest left platform and the platform to the right. Here, you should wait for the left platform to move above you if it hasn't already (if it starts below you, you get killed). Now, move a little to the left so that a small part of you is directly over the spike. Once the platform starts coming down to you, jump in place until you get stuck on a corner. Now, all you have to do is wait for the platform to take you through the wall to the top.

Heh, I hope this isn't fixed, but instead made into a 'creative' way to solve a room in the future. But it is a glitch, so...

Also, some random minor bugs I've come across:
-on impossible the units seem to save, at least that's what I think after dying somewhere and then making my way back to the teleport room to see boss pictures
-the spikes at the beginning of the brain boss area seem to have already fallen when I come through the green boss path

I guess that's it. Thanks for making such a fun game!

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