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General! / So who else has beaten Gaiden on hard?
« on: July 19, 2012, 01:56:58 pm »
Was beyond happy when I finally got to play a new official iwbtg after a long hiatus, though am slightly sad it was so short.  Looking forward to more!....even if it takes along while.  Took me about 2 days to beat on hard.  contemplating Curse mode...

General! / IWBTG exploring - New areas found without cheating
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:50:58 pm »
If you skip the moon to get the secret item before birdo, you can jump to the right(over the wall) and fall where you will see the birdo sprite(doesnt do anything), and explosion sprite, and a green diamond shape.  Fall another 3 downward and you can land on an unused sprite (some kind of block).  I would post screen if I could.  give it a try

If you have any other strange areas you want to show please do

Fangames! / Fangames. Avoiding the same mistakes in creation.
« on: May 26, 2010, 01:23:58 pm »
v1.0 original
v1.1 added buullet hell segment

What makes a good fangame of I Wanna be the Guy? I have observed many people attempt and fail at making an IWBTG fangame for a multitude of reasons. I write this in hopes of assisting current and future makers avoid the pitfalls, and decide what kind of fangame they want to make.  I realize many people have different opinions.  This is based upon my own opinion, and you are all free to agree or disagree.  I also realize this wont apply to every fangame out there.  I hope to update this as I try out more  :kid: fangames, and would love if others contributed their thoughts on the subject.

Fangames need to be divided by two categories.
IWBTG Adventure Style - A direct spinoff of the original, players have freedom to explore multiple areas of their own choosing.  Story should be present but is not necessary. The original taught us to always be suspicious of any given situation, but always kept us guessing. 
Great examples of adventure style games are I wanna be the Tribute & I wanna be the Fangame.

IWBTG Obstacle Path Style – An indirect spinoff, forcing players along a linear path.  The use of more spikes and skill jumps is generally accepted in these types but unfortunately, many fangames follow this style and set the bar on difficulty too high from the start, even on medium. 
Great example of Obstacle Path style is I wanna be the Retro.

The following applies to both genres if you are hoping to make a game along the lines of the original when it comes to Traps, Puzzles,Skill Jumping, and boss fights.

Done Right- need to be flexible in their difficulty, and not always overbearing.  Should be unique and vary.  Be original!   
Done Wrong- Using too many  :spikes: , repetitive traps, using too many invisible blocks.  Anyone can make a line of perilous spike jumps and call it a day.  Its been done.  Its boring.

Done Right - Half the fun is figuring out how to do something rather than doing it.  Figuring out to get past a giant mario coming out to stomp you is more unique and fun than a wall a spikes.

Done Wrong - Using too large an area of invisible blocks & spike/death falls or too many super skill jumps.  Can be acceptable if used in secret area.  Thus, skilled players can attempt it, and less skilled or less inclined can bypass it and still complete the main game. 

Skill Jumping
Done Right -Have it.  Without it, you don't have much of a game.  Vary the degree of difficulty.

Done Wrong -Overdoing it.  Forcing players to skill jump multiple times every screen with few save points in between will only serve to drive most players away.

Boss fights
Done Right – Have a wide selection of bosses with differing behaviors and patterns.  70-90% of a bosses AI should be a learnable pattern of some sorts.  This allows players to be challenged, but not feel like they have hit a brick wall.  The other 10-30% of boss AI OR external factors (falling spikes)should be random.  This allows boss fights to be spiced up and not too predictable once a pattern has been learned.  MAKE SURE WHEN USING RANDOM ELEMENTS THAT THE CHANCES OF PLACING THE PLAYER IN AN UNWINNABLE SITUATION THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN IS KEPT TO A MINIMUMOtherwise you risk driving players away. 

Done Wrong – Overusing randomness for boss fights.  It cheats the player in multiple ways.  Remember that the original IWBTG had an impossible mode.  It was doable (and has been done) because it did not place players in unwinnable situations often.  It kept them to an absolute minimum(barring and bugs)

Bullet Hell Segments(millions of tiny bullets/fireballs attempt to kill the player)
Done right – I wanna be the Fangame – kept as a secret boss(giant spagetti-o?)  Did not hinder player progress.
Done Wrong – I wanna be the Tribute – The Gargoyle boss felt unbeatable when using bullet hell attack multiple times.  Hindered player progress through main game.  Could be beaten by attacking head early and if lucky.

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