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Gaiden 1.2 patch released. Click here to download!

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Fangames! / I Wanna Be The Boshy (Online, V.1.0 is released!)
« on: June 11, 2010, 09:57:35 am »
VERSION 1 IS RELEASED, check www.solgryn.org to download it!


Single player mode
Play through the game normally, earn trophies along the way as you collect secret items and CD's.
Multi player competitive play
Play through the game with some friends! Send an invite and have them join your game. The difficulty/stage is getting synced and each time you collect a secret item or CD, everyone gets it. When you save, every player have the opportunity to teleport to the place you saved. They can then save, or restart again to return to their previous place.
When playing, you can see where the other players are and when they die. When fighting bosses, you can see how much health their boss have.
Multi player arena battle
Fight against friends or strangers in an endles battle. See who gets the most kills!


This mode is the easiest mode of all. All bosses have 50% less health and your shooting button is transformed to a turbo button, hold it down to spam shots. There are also alot of savepoints.
Totally average-mode
This is slightly easier than hard-on difficulty with more savepoints.
The "normal" difficulty and how the game is meant to be played.
You're gonna get raped-mode
This is for hardcore gamers only, all bosses have 200% health and theres only a savepoint before and after each boss. This is pretty much impossible.


Secret item
Most of the secret items are usable and some of them are required to get more secret items. For example, you can get a timer which shows the amount of time you were on a boss, or a secret item which shows their health in numbers (There is a health bar).

CD's are musical items that can be used to play different songs in-game! With a press of a button you can hear your favorite song!

I Wanna Be The Boshy is a very hard game with tons and tons of content and features.
It's inspired by I Wanna Be The Guy, which is a classic game with lots of retro hints to old games from the NES, SNES and others.

Some of the features includes:
  • Single player mode.
  • Competetive Coop play.
  • Race your friends and see who get's to the next savepoint first! There are also ingame CHAT included.
  • 4 different difficulties.
  • Ez-mode - Ridiculously easy compared to other  difficulties. On this difficulty, the bosses have 50% health and you get a turbo shoot button. There are also ez-blocks which makes the levels a lot easier than they
  • would normally be.
  • Totally Average-mode - More save points and normal boss health.
  • Hardon-mode - Normal save points and normal boss health.
  • You're gonna get raped-mode - 200% boss health and only 1 save before and after each boss. This is only for insane people.
  • 12 worlds.
  • 12 bosses. + xtra minibosses
  • Hours and hours of gameplay.
  • Secret items.
  • Lots of secret items can be obtained. Some of them can even be used to do funny random stuff in-game!
  • CDs that can play memorable songs ingame.


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