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Game Design! / Notable examples of boss/enemy design
« on: January 23, 2008, 11:36:27 pm »
This thread is for posting bosses or the occasional enemy that were designed to do something we think is unique and cool/unfair(same diff) in games we have played. I love bosses with a passion, so I'll start us off with a couple. Obviously, expect uberspoilers all over the place.

FFXII - In a game which defied a lot of previous Final Fantasy design specs, one of the most notable differences was the inclusion of a graphic lifemeter that hovered above the head of enemies. With the casting of Libra(a truly ubiquitous spell), all enemies and bosses in the game had an exact numeric representation of their remaining life above their heads. Although some enemies autohealed once when they died or reached a health threshold, there were no exceptions to this- except the final boss- The Undying.
The Undying, the third stage of the final fight, has no lifemeter, and is far stronger than the previous two forms- when my friend first came the Undying, it was only after spending time waiting to see the cinematic attacks on the previous forms, before putting them out of their misery. By contrast, the fight with Undying was a grueling 35 minute fight that required several changes in tactics. The neat thing about Undying was how effectively it suggested that it was immortal by its design. No lifebar, plus a relatively high defense value, meant that players felt like they were missing something. Just to make things even better, when it hits 20% of its life, Undying activates a set of spells that render it immune to all damage. These spells last for a while, and it gets to continue attacking. While these methods are a bit cheap, they do give the final battle an epic feel that has been lacking in a lot of RPGs.

Growing Threat- an enemy-only ability, this one-use technique, found in several unique enemies, and most alarmingly in the ultimate secret boss, Yiazmat, DOUBLES the level of the monster, with proportionate changes to all its stats. This is unavoidable, and beautiful. Yiazmat activates it soon into its fight, and all of a sudden does ~3000 more damage per attack, among other advantages. Another example of FFXII's cheap, yet epic boss design.

General Discussion! / Web Game-Meteo Siberia
« on: January 22, 2008, 02:42:52 pm »

A simple, beautiful, and graphically dense version of those oldschool helicopter tunnel games. The music is to die for, repeatedly, across the three difficult courses.
I can get past level 1, but that's it so far...

General Discussion! / Touhou Progress Comparisons
« on: December 08, 2007, 05:44:17 pm »
I figured that enough of us probably play this series to make a thread about our relative accomplishments worthwhile.

I just got Embodiment of Scarlet Devil a couple days ago, and I've beaten Easy, albeit just barely.

I can now clear the first two stages on normal without taking a hit, but I start hemorrhaging lives as soon as I hit the boss of stage 3. A big part of my problem is slow reaction time- i see the bullet, and it hits me before I move. The other thing is sensitivity- often, in avoiding one bullet, I move straight into another.

The control setup page shows a 'slowdown' command. How the heck can I change the controls so that I can use that?

Suggestions and Bug Reports! / Clown Copter Form 2 freeze
« on: December 02, 2007, 03:13:05 am »
When fighting Clown Copter form 2(I like to think the pilots are just cardboard cutouts, with CC being your true enemy), before I hit on a functional tactic for dealing with the giant bullet, I hid behind the CC, in the 'lee' of the bulet, and under the propeller. First off, the bullet clips through the back of the CC by a bit, and this killed me a few times. Second, when I did successfully avoid the bullet, because that was the end of its behavior, it just sat there until I dove on a  :spikes:. A quick and easy way to fix this second part would be to just move the CC's firing position a bit more to the right. The first my be too minor to matter.

Also, a suggestion:

Both as a way of making this boss harder(I heard that was a goal, which is visible in forms 1 and 2), and to increase the nostalgic atmosphere, how about those random flashing lightning effects from the original Clown Copter fight?

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