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General Discussion! / Wario Land 3
« on: August 12, 2011, 11:51:00 am »
Pennywise showed me Wario Land 3 a few days ago. I played it for like an hour, and I was constantly raging while he was laughing at me. Instead of killing you, the enemies do all these weird and annoying things to Wario that can really get on your nerves after a while. I ended out getting past the first boss who forces you to go back to a point earlier in the level if he hits you. Anyways while playing I made the claim that this game was more rage-inducing than IWBTG. Do any of you guys who have played it agree?

General Discussion! / Hey Guys I've Got Computer Problems
« on: June 03, 2011, 06:31:16 pm »
Just what the title says. I came here since I know that a bunch of you are computer nerds (I mean that in the best way possible >.>).

So a few minutes ago I tried playing IWSYS, and it asked me what program it wanted me to open it with. It's never asked me that for a .exe before, isn't it supposed to be automatically playable or something? I clicked on GameMaker as the program I wanted to use since nothing seemed better, but nothing happened.

So then I tried opening my GameMaker program itself to see if I could load it from there, and it asked me what program I wanted to use to open that! Why would I need to activate a program with another program?

Then as a test I tried opening an avi video I had and it asked me the same thing. I tried opening it with Windows Media Player since it used to use that program automatically, but all that came up was a single screech with random colors in the background like it usually does when there it plays an audio without visuals. I'm pretty sure it was a vid of me attempting some game, and it was definitely not a screech.

The only thing that opens automatcially now are doc files. Anyways, do any of you know what's happened?

Fangames! / Love Trap Thread
« on: March 31, 2011, 04:56:34 pm »
If you are looking for a fun, creative, and quality game, you've come to the wrong place!

I'm making this thread for my favorite fangame, I Wanna Be the Love Trap, made by some Japanese dude Nekoron. Download here: http://www.geocities.jp/nekoron28/

This game is hard. Super hard. No yet has video proof of winning it, despite the combined effort of many Japanese gamers (that's a bad sign).

Here's a video of it's only good boss IMO to attract a few of you guys.


Enjoy!  :P

BTW, the game starts off pretty easy. Don't make any assumptions about its difficulty early on.

General! / IWBTG Challenges
« on: February 10, 2011, 08:27:19 pm »
IWBTG has been out a while, so I've noticed a decline in interest in it in this forum (kind of ironic). So I made for anyone who now actually finds this game easy. Just for fun, there are 4 challenges I tried a while ago and I eventually succeeded at them all. If anyone's interested to try them, here they are.

1. Beat the first half of the Guy with the Evil save chasing you. I didn't come up with this one, and I think there was a topic on it a while ago.
2. Starting on the right side of the spike corridor (save in the spike tunnel room), go through it 3 times without dying. It gets redundant after that, but just for fun, I've been able to do it up to 8 or 9 times I think. This is based on the backwards spike corridor challenge.
3. Do the OMG Spike Room backwards. It's easiest to save in the room above and use that glitch where you fall through the metal floor.
4. In the Breakout room, destroy all of the celing blocks without destroying any of the floor blocks. It's a little harder than it sounds.

If you do any of these or have a challenge of your own, please post here.

General! / Special Strategies
« on: December 30, 2010, 03:42:55 pm »
In many rooms of the game, there is likely more than one way to win to succeed, and one way is probably more reliable than the other. If you've found any cool strategies that you either discovered or you feel are underused, post them here. You should probably check a few videos first to make sure it isn't that well known.

Also, if you have any useful techniques, like how to help you shoot faster, post those here as well.

My favorite trick is the cursor trick. If you have a tough jump or double jump to do (for example, the flashing warhead after Mecha Birdo), place your cursor where you need to the jump and use it to help with your timing. Just play around with different cursur locations (use the background or blocks and spikes as a reference) until you find one that works. This helps in rooms like the 2 screens following Mecha Birdo, Link, the Final Tower of the Guy, and the screen after the KKK.

I have more, I'll post them later.

Game Design! / Making a Team Fangame?
« on: December 17, 2010, 06:37:21 pm »
I looked back a few pages, and I haven't seen any reference to one, so I decided that I would try to organize the forum to make a team fangame. I know that most of the fangames on this forum suck, which is not surprising when most people try to go through this effort by themselves. Meanwhile, the good ones probably took hours of work over a very long time to make. I felt that if a lot of us could work together, we could actually make a really good one, made entirely of rooms that are creative, well made, and frequently reference other games. And no one person would have to lose to much sleep on the project. :P

One good thing about this is that the ability to program is not a requirement. If you have lots of creative ideas but have no idea how to get them into your computer (like me), you will be able to share them here, and if I approve them, you would hopefully be able to find someone else working on the project to program them. You can even work on the dialogue and its minor plot if you want to (yes I know, a plot in a fangame. I've already started working on it).

Since I don't happen to know much (or anything) about computer programming, I'm not even sure if project is feasable. I'm pretty sure if you all use the same program, like GameMaker, you'd be able to send any screens or bosses you've completed to someone who compiles them together, and someone would have to program the basic physics of the game early on for consistency.

So what do you say guys, are you in? If there is enough interest in this project, I will give you more details on how I intend to organize this effort. Don't worry, I'm a good leader ;) I'll also start to post some of my many ideas. And I just started winter break, so I'll be able to put a lot of time into this.

However, if you guys decide that this is not feasable, or there is not enough interest in this project, this thread can just be a place to share any creative ideas you have for fangames if you can't program them or are too lazy to make a fangame.

General! / Fastest Way to Play
« on: December 15, 2010, 12:19:48 am »
I know Anonymous has been wanting to submit a speed run of IWBTG to SDA and there are probably others around here who speed run for fun, so I decided to post this. You can skip entire sections of the game (in particular, most of Guy Industries) by taking advantage of the fact that you can respawn in strange places if you play in a difficulty other than Impossible but do not save and die in an area other than the first. Using this route, I was able to do a semi-speed run with a time of just over 24 minutes. And that is considering all of the minor mistakes I was too lazy to cut out and my sub-optimal strategies (and no, I did not use END).

Start off by taking the left path. Press R immediately upon falling into the Tetris room to teleport to right after the moving spike wall (jump back and double jump forward to make it start). Once you beat Kraidgief and make it to the Factory, press R to respawn a few feet forward. This only saves you a few seconds, but they are necessary to reach the first platform in the room before the KKK before it gets too far away and you have to wait for it to come back. Defeat the KKK, and when you grab its unit, press R to get back to the beginning of the Factory.

Now defeat Mother Brain, and enter Guy Industries. Once you enter this area, press R to respawn in front of Dracula (convenient, huh?). Defeat him and return to the beginning of the game. Now you just have Tyson and Birdo to worry about, and I recommend finally saving. There really aren't any more places that can be skipped, and if you die after Mecha Birdo in Guy Industries, you will be trapped in Castlevania (you can defeat Dracula again and grab his unit, but you won't be teleported out of Dracula's room). I can't remember if you can skip the Final Tower by using this trick, but it probably wouldn't be worth not being able to save before then (one problem with not saving is that you can't cut out your deaths).

Anyway, happy speed running.  9_9

General! / Extra Difficulties
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:48:17 pm »
Since I'm obsessed like that, I decided I would try to become the Guy on impossible mode. :kid:

After winning very hard mode several times, it started to become rather easy, and I no longer got much out of winning it anymore. However, I was not nearly ready for impossible mode, so I created 4 extra difficulties for continued practice: extremely hard, super hard, ultra hard, and near-impossible. Each has about half of the saving oppurtunities as the previous.

Here are the save points that can be used in extremely hard. Italicized ones can also be used in super hard mode:
The one at the beginning of the game
The one before the spike tunnel
The one at the beginning of Castlevania
The one right after the spike wall chase
The one right before the KKK
The one at the beginning of the Metroid area
The one in the room with all of the blocks appearing and disappearing
The one right before the Dragon Devil
The one at the Bowser room in the hall of former the Guys
The one before the Guy

In ultra hard mode and near-impossible mode, the only save point that can be used is the one in the room that shows you all of the bosses you have killed and warps you the Road of the Guy. In addition, in ultra hard mode, you can only use it 3 times, and in near-impossible mode, you can only use it once.

So far, I have won ultra hard mode twice, and I will win it a few more times before I go on to near-impossible mode. Is anyone else interested in trying these difficulties out? By the way, I recommend going through each difficulty 5 times before going onto the next. It will take a lot of time, effort, and frustration-management, but hopefully this will help others to win the game on impossible mode.

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