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Game Design! / Wanted: Funny death idea
« on: June 13, 2012, 06:34:08 pm »
As you know (or maybe you don't) in my fangame there is a Wario Land 4 area.
At the end you have to activate the timer switch (exactly like in Wario Land 4) and now it's your turn.

What should happen after the timer have expired? Have this video for better understanding.

The best idea will be rewarded with special thanks in the credits.

Game Design! / Maximal keystrokes per second
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:07:48 pm »
I would like to add an rapid-fire-prevention to my fangame and so I need to know what maximal keystrokes per second a human can achieve.

To find out you can use the test program I created:

You can use any key you like but after your first keystroke no other key will count any more. Your score will be displayed after a second and you can try again by pressing (big surprise) "New Try". Then you can even change the key. Your Highscore won't be deleted unless you close the program.

Please tell me your highscores and please be honest not to use rapid fire or other ways to cheat.

Thank you :)

Game Design! / The problem of big music files
« on: January 23, 2011, 01:51:15 pm »
I have used the search function and didn't find a thread which helped me to solve the problem.

I'm using GameMaker8 and my fangame is 64,000 KB big. This is because of the music files in wav. If I convert them into mp3 and include them there is a problem with the loop-function. Whenever the music is played once there is a short break (2-3 seconds). Then the music starts again and stops at the end (again for 2-3 seconds). With wav-files the problem doesn't occur. Does anybody know how to solve the problem?


Special features (I can't believe I call some of them special):

-Map feature (Press M)
-New abilities
-Special music effect after diing
-Multiple Saveslots
-Configurable controls
-Game beaten percentage in title screen (can you get 100%?)


A year after becoming the guy, The Kid got through many dangerous quests.
The other day the child meets a strange person which seems to be popping out of nowhere
and proposes The Kid an ultimate challenge.

Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?a70rc6z13q6t7w6 (Current version alpha


Medium: The easiest mode: A lot of savepoints
Hard: The mode the game is supposed to be played: Many savepoints
Very hard: A little bit more difficult than hard mode: Only a few savepoints
You want it - you get it: The hardest mode: More Traps, more spikes, most of the time one savepoint per area. Only recommanded for perserving masochists. If you make it you are far better than anyone I've seen so far.

Some Screenshots:


Fangames! / I wanna be the Christmas present [December 25, 2011]
« on: January 06, 2011, 06:20:38 pm »
So I decided to reupload an improved version of this game.

I wanna be the Christmas Present

 (No, not Kid wants to be the Christmas present, the game itselfs wants to be one)


It's kinda short but whoever manages to clear all difficulties (which isn't that hard at all, I promise) will have a big advantage in the next version of IWBT ultimate hero.

Random Screenshots:

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