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Crap! / My Cats
« on: August 12, 2014, 09:32:02 am »
When I moved with my family to my current home, my brother found a mother cat, who had some kittens. He attempted to domesticate the cat, and succeeded (I don't quite remember what came of the kittens, but I have to assume they left or died) As there are a lot of other wild cats, our cat has had a lot of kittens. All of them were usually born in the house, and put on our back-porch when they were old enough, since my mom and dad didn't want cats in the house since we have a dog (Spoilers: He doesn't like them) Now having cats in a town is a bit of a problem since they can easily get ran over (Which has happened quite a bit, sad to say) or they will get killed by my asshole neighbors four dogs. We can't give the kittens away as none of our relatives that would want them have a good place for them to roam, as they like to do. Right now, I have the mother cat, a mostly grown cat, and two kittens which my neighbor has decided to take into his house (Not to complain since they are inside a house and safe, for the most part). The main solution we have to stop more kittens from dying is getting the mother cat fixed, which we haven't gotten around to yet.

I don't exactly have a reason for this thread to exist, but I just wanted to put this down somewhere (Hence why it's in the Crap! forums)

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