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Hi everyone,

Ok I'm on the part after mother brain where you are bouncing off those things into the spikes...and then every other thing is a bouncy...so you get to the end of it and then there's 2 spikes at the top....does anyone know where I mean? If so, please help. I've watched videos of people playing it and somehow they figured out how to *not* jump high enough to die on the spikes at the top. For me, I jump into the spikes every single time. I managed to get past it a few times, but by luck and then I died before I could get to the next save point. Iv'e tried everything. Im about to go insane. Nothing works for me. I have no clue how to jump low enough to avoid the spikes.....if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks a million!

I've tried everything, holding down, up, doing lower jumps, etc. Nothing works. So I just dont get it

That makes sense, because Solgryn on EZ mode you can kill the first phase without having to worry about any of the harder attacks

Nah not yet. Only practiced him a few times. Finally made it to Solgryn after over 2 months of playing the game. So, all that is left is Solgryn and Cheetaman (2 hardest bosses in the game) and a few random treasures I still need to get, as well as Kappa. Once those are completed, time to move on to the next fangame. lol actually did take a break from this though and playing IWKTG now.

How about you, you beat Cheeta? And is it more difficult than Solygrn?

Nevermind, I beat him again the next morning. He's actually very easy now, only took me 5 minutes that time.

I'm stuck on world 7 now at the part with the spikes moving. I guess my controller is broken because no matter how lightly i tap it, it jumps into the double spikes.....very unfortunate.

Guess I'll just go for the cheetaman boss (I made a save backup at that point in the secret world)

General! / Anybody have a save point for I wanna be the Boshy at Level 6?
« on: December 16, 2014, 02:11:56 am »
Well I got screwed tonight. I finally beat Sonic, and then after I did, the game glitched and never brought me to level 6, like it was supposed to. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Sonic was in the process of exploding after I killed him but then basically he never disappeared totally. It was just like a flame floating or spinning at the top of the screen. I stood on the ledge for over 200 seconds waiting to see if anything would happen, but nothing. The game wasn't frozen because I was still able to walk and jump and stuff. But now I have to beat him again, unless someone could kindly help me out with a save to world 6....


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