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General! / A return of a former fangamer...
« on: January 24, 2018, 07:09:32 pm »
Hey, It's Kye here! if you don't recognize who I am, then I am the creator of the fangame called "I Wanna Be The Quarzia" which later became a meme, and I hate memes.
so I guess you were thinking, where the hell did I go? well, I was working on some private projects, one being an original game (don't worry, it's a rage game) and one massive fangame project!

So the original project I'm currently planning is a rage-game called "Jumpdude"! It is a really hard game that has over 450 rooms and 8 Stages! I really hope my calculations are right. The game actually has story and above the screen you
can see quotes from Blitz! (the person who talks to you during the adventure!) but yeah, every once in a while the game introduces a new mechanic or hazard. try not to lose your insanity!

and believe it or not, my WIP fangame is I Wanna Be The Quarzia! that's right, I am starting the game from scratch and working my way up to where I previously went and beyond! right now I've already finished three sections of stage one!
and I'm actually gonna make the boss fights too, the avoidances are gonna be tricky to code in, but I'll try my best! and I am putting effort into the fangame too! I'll tell you the sections of Stage 1 currently:

1. I Wanna Conquer The Blow Game 1
2. I Wanna Enjoy The Game
3. I Wanna Go The Unknown World

and I'm doing the death engine (that's inspired by Cave Story) and I'm doing the title! (which is in progress right now.) I can't wait to see how development goes! and I am allowing people to help me out believe it or not! I'll make the skype server
in a while but for now I am doing my hardest to make my game spectacular! and this'll hopefully fix all my mistakes in the past.

Anyways, I'm back and I can't wait to see how development of Quarzia goes! it's not cancelled anymore and back in Development! I'll reveal screenshots later, but anyways, see you later, guys! :D
Edit: In I Wanna Be The Quarzia, I am now using songs I found on my own!

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