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I Wanna Be the Quest / Genie Town
« on: October 04, 2015, 11:23:11 am »
Gollum: The town lost in this adventure elves , children begins with gin . With humans, elves Be witnesses Between war.

Termanion: Mole gin of people hostage , I think you're forgetting that small and stupid elf town.

Gollum: Cinema How stupid about me in town? Where do you find this insulting words ? Here I mole who toured the world , gin in town, and I am the duties of jinn .Have a little respect

Termanion: Relax, kid , you do not have a man in the face . The most powerful genie of the town. Watch what you say.
Genie King: The town is awash with lost child genie. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS town?

Little Genie: My Lord, I had it in my new news . I do not have anything to do with the town 's rat gin lost , believe me .

Genie King: You're gonna be all over mole or a little goblin said the only reason to believe you !

Little Genie: My Lord. Cinema and disappear as soon as I was not in the town 's rat gin gin in town . I beg your pardon .

Genie King: Closely followed this event little goblin ! But then I forgive you !

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