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General Games! / The Text-based RPG: GAME ON!!
« on: September 26, 2010, 07:20:49 pm »
: OP • show
Hello everybody and welcome to the debut of the REVENGE of the Text-based RPG! \^_^/

I'll be explaining everything as we come to it, so don't be afraid to try something new, or do something silly. ;p

Unlike last time, there is a storyline to be followed, so doing nothing but goofing off won't be happening.  However that does not mean you're restricted to a linear passage; if something optional shows up, you'll be notified, or you could simply try your luck and see what happens.

This setup features the "Controller", where one person decides where everyone goes and what everyone is doing (in certain instances).  This does not mean other players cannot do anything; they can still interact independently with the world (ie. you're free to do the chicken dance in front of a dinner party or fall asleep on top of someone... although that's not necessarily recommended) and can still give your two cents (although you can get completely ignored by whoever is in "Control").

THERE IS AN ENDING TO THIS GAME!  AND ONCE WE REACH IT, THAT'S IT!  WE'RE DONE!!  Although given the amount of crap I put in here, it should be a rather long time before that happens.  And should the ending get reached... well I'd better get started on a Text-based RPG II.

If you have not made your character yet, please go here before posting in this thread.  Seriously, I'll get mad if you don't do that.  Following that note, if you've made your character and you post in this thread, YOU CANNOT MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR CHARACTER!!  YOU ARE STUCK WITH THAT CHARACTER!!


- All character's stats and abilities
- List of all known locations
- Anything else I can think of

First person to post in this thread starts the game! ^_^

: Currently Active Players • show
Name: Grimmshaw (SilentLoner)
Gender: (optional)
Race:  Shadow
Element 1: Dark
Element 2: Entrophy

Level: 3
Experience: 32/60
Health:  20/20
Mana:   6/6
Bio: (optional)

Right Hand: Curved Dagger (1-handed weapon, +1 Attack, +3 Rate)
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1: Poison Ward (Reduces the odds of being inflicted with Poison/Venom/Toxic)
Accessory 2:

Attack    21      Defense     14     Rate    15      Accuracy  60
     Intelligence    14      Wisdom    5      Evade     9    
   Rage        0.4       Critical      0.8       Focus  0.1

Offense    13    Support   9     Healing   7     Body   10     Mind    11    Soul  12


Backstab (4) - Minor Physical damage, One enemy; goes last
Dark Orb (2) - Minor Darkness damage, One enemy
Chaos Claw (2) - Minor Entrophic damage, One enemy; moderate chance of inflicting a random status ailment
Cloak (Passive) - If the player is fighting in a dark or night-like area, their evade rises by 10%


Name: OLDGREG (OldGreg)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element 1: Gravity
Element 2: Earth

Level: 2
Experience: 28/30
Health:  31/31
Mana:  7/7
Bio: (optional)

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:

Attack     14     Defense     27     Rate     9     Accuracy  60
     Intelligence     7     Wisdom    11      Evade   2      
   Rage       0.6        Critical      0.4       Focus  0.5

Offense   5     Support    16    Healing   10     Body   14     Mind   8     Soul  5


Weapon's Experience Lv1 (Passive) - Equipped weapons become slightly more effective
Gravity Zone (2) - Minor Gravity damage, One enemy
Guard (1) - For one turn, protect one ally from physical harm; goes first


Name: Eulogy (Captain Random)
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Element 1: Death
Element 2: Time

Level: 2
Experience: 27/30
Health:  24/24
Mana:   23/25
Bio: (optional)

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:

Attack    10      Defense    14      Rate     10     Accuracy  60
     Intelligence    7      Wisdom    15      Evade   5     
   Rage    0.3           Critical     0.6        Focus  0.4

Offense    5    Support    15    Healing   8     Body    7    Mind   12     Soul  10


Bane (2) - Minor Light damage, one enemy; Major damage if the enemy is a Devil
Stall (3) - Delay someone's turn
Death Grip (4) - Minor Death damage, one enemy; very low chance of instant-death


Name: Wirikidor  (Liquid)
Gender: (optional)
Race:  Devil
Element 1: Aether
Element 2: Entrophy

Level: 2
Experience:  24/30
Health:  21/21
Mana:   17/21
Bio: Where there is creation, there is destruction. But destruction must be created.
Appearance: He is dressed head to toe in grey and black, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. His face is completely obscured, and he takes on the appearance of a regular humanoid.

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:

Attack    5      Defense   9       Rate    20      Accuracy  61
     Intelligence     10     Wisdom    12      Evade     8    
   Rage      0.3         Critical     0.5        Focus  0.5

Offense    6    Support   8     Healing  11      Body   9     Mind   11     Soul  14


Spooky Laugh (3) - High chance at causing "Confusion"
Aether Bolt (2) - Minor Aether Damage, One enemy
Chaos Punch (2) - Minor Entrophic Damage, One enemy; Moderate chance of inflicting a random status ailment.


Name: Midlight (Mark/Chronofox)
Gender: Androgynous
Race: Human
Element 1: Time
Element 2: Life

Level: 3
Experience:  43/60
Health:  20/25
Mana:   16/16
Bio: An over-the-top romantic (NOT a pervert or a womanizer) who has suffered through many terrible relationships, with a lot of angst stored up inside him. He's a very mathematical person who does things through careful planning and strategy; hates relying on luck. Loves nature and music.

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1: Shiny Badge (Intelligence +3)
Accessory 2:

Attack     6     Defense    13      Rate     10     Accuracy  58
     Intelligence    15      Wisdom     18     Evade   4       
   Rage       0.3        Critical     0.8        Focus  1.2

Offense   8     Support    23    Healing    10    Body    8    Mind   12     Soul  10


Weapon's Experience Lv1 (Passive) - Equipped weapons become slightly more effective
Time Bomb (2) - Minor Time Damage, One Enemy
Cure (2) - Restores approx. 20 Health, One Target
Hourglass (4) - Speed up or slow down a Target; not always effective


Name:  Count (Velocity)
Gender: Male (or so he claims)
Race:  Devil
Element 1:  Entrophy

Level: 2
Experience:  21/30
Health:  26/26
Mana:   14/18
Bio: Count is of a medium height and build, he could probably be mistaken for a normal person, were it not for his long purple trench coat; green tunic; dark blue trousers; steel toed boots; shiny gold comedy theatre mask ( :D ) covering his entire face; long black hair flowing behind; black horns sticking from holes in the forehead of the mask; eyes glowing bright purple; and the uncontrollable urge he has to scream nonsense (and occasionally burn things.) For reasons nobody quite understands, he is a serious threat in combat, managing strategy like a completely different person.

Right Hand: Princess Wand (One-Handed, Intelligence +2)
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1: Gold Ring (Defense +2)
Accessory 2:

Attack    7      Defense    12      Rate    10      Accuracy  60
     Intelligence    13      Wisdom     11     Evade   5   
   Rage       0.3        Critical      0.8       Focus  0

Offense   8     Support  21      Healing   14     Body    10    Mind    5   Soul  11


Blight (4) - Minor Dark OR Fire damage, One enemy; low chance of inflicting "Blind" or "Burning"
Chaos Prod (2) - Minor Entrophic damage, One enemy; moderate chance of inflicting a random status ailment


Name: Twizzy  (Ybbald)
Gender: Female
Race: Shadow
Element 1: Dark

Level: 2
Stat Points: 5
Experience:  21/10
Health:  16/21
Mana:   8/8
Bio: (optional)

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:

Attack    17      Defense     11     Rate    15      Accuracy  60
     Intelligence     12     Wisdom    5      Evade   7       
   Rage      0.5        Critical     0.8        Focus 0.1

Offense    12    Support   8     Healing   7     Body   10     Mind    8    Soul 12


Backstab (4) - Minor Physical damage, One enemy; goes last
Dark Orb (2) - Minor Darkness damage, One enemy


Name: Scholar  (Venser)
Gender: Male
Race: Avian
Element 1: Wind/Air

Level: 2
Experience:  29/30
Health:  14/14
Mana:   6/6
Bio: (optional)

Right Hand:  Chain Link (1-handed weapon, +3 Attack)
Left Hand:
Body Armor:
Accessory 1:  Reading Glasses (Reveals more information about enemies)
Accessory 2:  Amulet (Raises a random stat slightly in battle)

Attack    18      Defense   7       Rate     20     Accuracy  64
     Intelligence    8      Wisdom    13      Evade    15     
   Rage     0.6          Critical     0.5        Focus  0.3

Offense   12     Support  10      Healing   7     Body   7     Mind   10     Soul  13


Dive (1) - Heavy Physical damage, one enemy
Gust (2) - Minor Wind damage, one enemy

: Inventory • show
6x MP 15 Potions - Restores 15 Mana
9x HP 15 Potion - Restores 15 Health
2x Red Fruit - Restores 10 Health; two uses remaining
Yellow Fruit - Restores 10 Health and 10 Mana; two uses remaining
2x First-Aid Kit - Holds 100 Health.  Can also cure 'Wounded', 'Bleeding', 'Poison/Venom/Toxic', 'Paralysis/Stun', but each ailment can only be cured once.
2x Honey-Flavored Candy - Restores 12 Health and 12 Mana over three turns
1x Bowl of Ramen - Restores 30 Health; three uses remaining
1x Bowl of Ramen - Restores 30 Health; two uses remaining
Water Bottle (Empty) - Can be used multiple times
10x Red Wine - Increases Attack Power, but lowers Accuracy
8x Dynamite - Inflict Heavy Physical Damage on all enemies; combat only
1x Vial of Fairy Water - Eliminates random encounters for a brief period
[center]IMPORTANT ITEMS[/center]

Crankshaw Compound Key - Unlocks all locked cells and doors in Crankshaw Compound
Magic Torch - Provides a small amount of illumination in dark places.  It never burns out.
2xHappy Flower - You're not quite sure what this is for.
Lead Weight - Still attached to the magazine.  Can be used for various weighing-down tasks
Lantern (unlit) - Used to light up dark places.
Shovel - Used to dig into soft ground
Giant T.V - Seriously, how the fuck did this get in here?
Child's Story Book - Based off of 'The Ugly Duckling'



Thorn Whip - 1-Handed Weapon: Attack all enemies by reducing your attack power by half (if you so choose).  Inflicts some damage to the user if used without gloves.
Shroomy Pipe - 1-Handed Weapon:  Attack -4; Might inflict "Shroomy"
Throwing Knife - 1-Handed Weapon:  Attack +1; Can be thrown at an enemy in battle to POSSIBLY inflict a Critical Blow

: Known Locations • show

Crankshaw Compound
Crankshaw Village

: Status Ailments • show
Bleeding - Bleeding not only reduces a person's damage output while increasing their damage intake, they are also losing health gradually based on their Max HP.  It will kill you if left untreated, but it only does damage during a fight.  Does NOT wear off when a battle is over.

Confused - Confusion grants a likely chance that the effect target doesn't do what you/they want to do.  Wears off after a few turns and when a battle ends.

Crying - Crying is the combination of paralyzed and blind.  Not only will you not likely hit your enemy with just about any attack, you're likely to not attack at all.  It also lasts several turns/rounds.  Wears off when a battle ends.

Frozen - If the target is frozen, they cannot do anything, but they also take less damage from just about every source.  Fire damage, however, inflicts double damage on a frozen target.  Frozen does NOT disappear during battle, as the target needs to be hit by Fire or hit enough times to shatter the ice.  This disappears when a battle is over.

Paralyzed - Becoming paralyzed simply means there's a good chance you won't launch your attack.  This lasts for a few turns/rounds.  Wears off when a battle is over.
Stunned - Stunned is a stronger form of paralysis and it prevents the effected character from doing anything at all, although it doesn't last as long.  Wears off when a battle is over.

Shroomy - The obvious Super Mario RPG ailment that it is, Shroomy prevents you from doing anything, but you regain some health and mana each turn.  Wears off when a battle is over.

Toxic - Toxic is the strongest form of poison and as such inflicts the most damage of the Poison status ailments.  It will kill you if left untreated and does NOT disappear when a battle is over.  It only inflicts damage during a battle.

General Games! / The Return of the Text-Based RPG
« on: September 23, 2010, 12:33:30 pm »
... is this weekend.

This is the sign-up thread for it.  I didn't initially want a separate thread, but I felt this was the better course of action.  If enough people join, I might end up forming two separate parties in order to keep things a little more balanced (or if enough people want to do it that way by default).

What you'll find in the remake is as follows:

  • 12 different races (4 are locked)
    12 Elements
    No monies o:
    A giant smiley face ^_^
    A somewhat long-ass character sheet
    Music... well sort of
    A free anti-virus scan
    PvP combat (currently locked)
    Boss fights out the ass
    SL getting raped by a donkey
    Way too many references
    A terrible case of spoiler syndrome
    And so much more! :D

I'll be nice in the beginning, but I won't be holding back forever.

One thing remains;  who's in it to win it?


1. ???
2. Captain Random (Character made; in-game)
3. Ellipsis
4. Ybbald (Character made)
5. Sodra, the Pack Mule
6. Velocity (character made)
7. Old Greg/Vitamin C (Character made; in-game)
8. SilentLoner (character made; in-game)
9. Chronofox/Marky Boy (character made)
900110. Venser (character made)
11. Stop Lying Liquid
12. Ae Zi


I'll be starting the Character Creation on Saturday with the Main Game going during Sunday.  Sign-ups close just before the main game begins, so... Noon Forum time on Sunday.

Crap! / There's cake on my profile again
« on: August 25, 2010, 12:30:30 pm »
Everyone who visits my profile today is getting a slice of cake! O:  *limit one per person*


Crap! / Why am I getting mooned?
« on: May 10, 2010, 08:49:33 pm »
Seriously, what the hell?

Crap! / Shin Megami Tensei
« on: March 15, 2010, 03:13:47 pm »
Hey Liquid, how are you into the game?

I bought it a few days ago.  Currently on Day 5, and for the first time I actually had to grind all game.

General Games! / IWBTM Stage 12 GAME OVER!!!!! MAFIA WINS!!!!!!!!
« on: February 03, 2010, 02:29:14 pm »
Got finished sooner than expected, so here we go!

Hello everybody and welcome to I Wanna Be The Mafia!  \^_^/  This is the twelfth showing of the game (not really, but...) and I bid you all good viewing and good fortune.

As usual, direct quoting and screenshots of PMs is prohibited and violation of such will get you mod-killed IMMEDIATELY!!  All claims, proclamations, etc, must be of your word and your word ALONE!!

A player's role is revealed upon death.

: Roster • show
Kudo/Nue Houjuu
Urahara Kisuke

If you do NOT receive a PM, you are a Villager.

: ProTownies • show
10x Villager/Vanilla Townie - Regular citizen featuring no special powers.

1x Cop - Visits 1 person during the night and determines if they're a Townie or a Mafia member.

1x Doctor - Visits 1 person during the night and prevents that person from dying.  They can protect themself, but only once.

1x Fisherman - Visits 1 person during the night and determines their role.  The visit fails if the Fisherman is visited during the night.

1x Peacekeeper - If killed or lyched, the Townies enter Riot Mode and are forced to lynch the immediate day (ie.  they are lynched Day 2 or killed Night 2, the Townies must lynch someone Day 3).

1x Hunter - if lynched, the Hunter MUST kill someone with them.

: The Mafia • show
1x Fisherman - Same as the Town Fisherman, except being visited DOES NOT prevent him from learning a player's role.

1x Con Artist - Visits 1 person during the night (this includes themself and other Mafia members).  If that player is visited by the Cop, the Cop receives a fake report.  The Con Artist can only visit a player once.

1x Drug Addict - Visits 1 person during the night (this includes anyone but themself).  If that player has a night role, their target becomes randomized.

: Special Notes *MUST READ* • show
  The Drug Addict does NOT know who the other Mafia members are, and vice versa.

The Drug Addict cannot affect who the Mafia kills; they only effect their secondary roles.

The Drug Addict does NOT interfere with the Fisherman's visit, if he encounters them.

The Drug Addict does NOT have the ability to kill other players unless they are the last remaining Mafia member.

If one of the Fisherman is lynched, their allegiance WILL be revealed.

If you have any questions, PM me immediately and I'll get to them when I can.



A few roles that were rejected.

General Discussion! / IWBTM Stage 12 Sign-up Thread
« on: January 29, 2010, 07:23:00 pm »
Yo dawgs and cats.  What's shakin'?

Sign-up for game 12 now or forever hold your piece... or pieces.
This game features ice cream, cannibalism, and EXPLOSIONS!!!!!  But not necessarily in that order.  ^_^;;

Player List:

Kudo/Nue Houjuu
Urahara Kisuke

Crap! / There's cake on my profile
« on: August 25, 2009, 05:09:56 pm »
Who put it there?  O_o

Crap! / Wii Points
« on: August 07, 2009, 05:04:07 pm »
I has them.  ^_^

Help me get Wiiware and VC games!  Hopefully someone'll suggest something I've never played.

Current VC games:

SMB 1-3 and Lost Levels
Kid Icarus
Kirby Adventure
Breath of Fire 2
Gradius 3
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario 64
Starfox 64

I'll remember any others as time passes.  (I haven't gone VC shopping in ages)

Crap! / Such silly game shows.
« on: May 29, 2009, 10:48:59 pm »
Well, seeing that my mind is on nothing but game shows, allow me to share this;  some of the silliest/stupidest/ludicrous game show answers you'll ever hear!

Some of my favorites include:

Wives, what would you say is your husband's favorite kind of rodent? (Newlywed Game)

During Sir Irving's Knighting, the Queen slipped with her sword.  So instead of being Knighted, Sir Irving was _______.  (Match Game)

This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker. (Jeopardy)

Name something associated with the X-Files. (Family Fortunes; the British version of Family Feud)

Name a famous robber.  (Family Fortunes)

"Being married to a drill sergeant has its drawbacks. Every time we make love he expects me to..."  (Match Game, though not the old one)

"The one you came a ______ on...." (Super Password)

Enjoy! ^_^

Crap! / I Wanna Be the Match Game! ^_^
« on: May 27, 2009, 01:08:55 am »
If you've ever seen the game show Match Game, you'll already know what to expect.  For everyone else, I'll explain.  (Yes, I'm trying my hand at another Crap game. 9_9)

You have the following:

9 Players (for example)
 - 6 Panelists (or use as many as you wish.  Just... be realistic about it, okay? D:)
 - 2 Contestants (required)
 - 1 Host (required)

The Host gives out sentences/statements/etc that have a word missing in them to the other players, less a contestant (in order to prevent both contestants from using the same answer).  As an example, "Ordon is famous for its Goat Cheese, namely because the goats that makes the cheese are fed _____"

The goal is for the Contestants to MATCH their responses with the Panelists.

The Panelists DO NOT give their answer right away.  They will simply state once they have written down/come up with their response.  The Host will then ask the Contestant to post their answer to everyone, followed by the Panelists giving their answers.  If the Contestant matches a Panelist, they earn a point.

There are two rounds total with each round bolstering a question for each Contestant.  The host picks whoever gets to go first in the 1st round, while the person who is in last place gets to go first in the 2nd round.  If there is a tie, a tie-breaker will ensue, determining the winner.  A tie-breaker works like this:  "______ river" and again, Contestants try to match the Panelists.  Whoever has the most points after two rounds (and all tie-breakers) wins! \^_^/

Now that you know the basics, lets give you a quick... list... think of how a round plays out.

- Host gives out question
- Panelists state that they have their answer ready
- Contestant A gives their answer
- Panelists then post their answer
- Contestant A  has the same answer as 2 of the Panelists
- Contestant A earns two points
- Repeat for all Contestants
- End Round

I believe that should cover everything to get stated, so I'm looking for 6 people to join as a start:  Two Contestants and Four Panelists.  I'll start the game tomorrow... if I don't get maxed out while I'm still online. :P

As always, remember to have fun with the game! ^_^

Crap! / No Internet?
« on: May 23, 2009, 02:20:54 pm »
I finally installed Vista Ultimate Edition on my laptop so I can have sound again! ^_^  The problem is that I, apparently, have no way of connecting to my wireless internet, despite my laptop having a built-in Wireless Adapter.  It claims that my laptop is not setup to handle a wireless connection/network.  I never had this problem with XP Pro, so I have no idea how to solve this.

Help a newb out?

Crap! / Questions for the Lieutenant!
« on: May 20, 2009, 11:24:25 pm »
Okay okay okay I'll admit it: I've wanted to do this since it started. >_>  So... now I'm adding myself into this line of business.


Crap! / The OFFICIAL Text-Based RPG
« on: May 11, 2009, 08:57:47 pm »
Hello everyone and welcome to the OFFICIAL Text-based RPG! \^_^/  (hosted by Lt. Ragnarok.  Original Creator: Ellipsis)

I'll get everyone interested to create their character for now while I complete any touch-ups needed to get this stated.  All characters start with the following:

Character name (color*)
HP: 10
Attack: 0
Defense: 0
Speed: 1
Luck: 1
Exp: 0/10
Stat points to spend: 15**

No battles will take place yet, as the shop(s) are still under construction.  You have no gold until I decide on what amount you should get.


Have fun guys. ^_^

*Color simply denotes what color your HP will be displayed in combat... or whenever there's more than 1 person taking damage at once.  I'm Navy, so you can't take that color. >_>  Feel free to use a hex code if you really want too.

**Stats require more stat points for every 10 stat points spent on that stat (except HP... at this time).  So, if you reach 10 on any stat, you'll need to spend 2 stat points to increase it by 1; 3 stats points once you reach 20, 4 for 30, and so on.


Typo'd the amount of stating stat points. >_<

2nd EDIT

The Google Doc is now here.  I'll be sure to update this as need be.  Just make sure you guys have your stuff up-to-date so I have all the correct info. :P

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