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Crap! / Japan Earthquake & GWP's Japan Trip
« on: March 10, 2011, 10:21:16 pm »
Alright, fellow men.  It is time.  Time for me to accomplish every nerd's dream.  Time to travel to a distant land.  The land where commercials can't explain shit.  Where people find it quite Noisey sometimes.  Where ninjas are born.

At 11:45 PM, EST on this Saturday, I will be leaving my house on this journey.  It will be dangerous to go alone, so I'm taking my friends along.  I am a bad enough dude to take and accomplish this journey, for great justice.  I will even wear a disguise at points to make people believe I'm looking for a lady in certain stone structures, but is never there.

The land of the Rising Sun.

(Pics will be post afterwards)

General Discussion! / Programmin'
« on: February 15, 2011, 11:29:22 am »
So, I'm taking a programming class this semester.  I've about finished VB, and about to work on Java.  Eventually, I'll get to C++ and whatnot.
I'll be taking requests for some programs, if you want any.  I'll post my first program when I finally upload it.

Either way, This'll be a general programming thread.  What projects are you working on?  What's your favorite programming language?  Post what you've made.  Comment on what others have made.

List of Posted Programs
Price per Cheap by guywithpasta (Password: guywithpasta)

General Discussion! / Computer Problem
« on: January 06, 2011, 10:50:48 pm »
I need someone with awesome computer skill for this:

Apparently, my "Audio Output Device" became uninstalled, thus perma-muting my computer.  What do?  Will give any info necessary. Laptop came without a CD.

General Discussion! / Girlfriend choice
« on: November 24, 2010, 01:18:59 am »
Sort of like that random surge of "I need you guys to believe in me to ask this girl out" we had a bit back, but different.

NOTE: there is a TL;DR at the end, but please read for full effect.

Alright, I'm in a huge pickle here.  There are two girls I like, Shannon and Vanessa.  Obviously, I can only have one, so who do I choose?  In no particular order...

Shannon is the prettier of the two.  She and I share similar interests, the interests being video games (pokemon, FUCK YEAH) and the internet, and thus would have more to talk about.  She's also a constant source of happiness, I've never seen her mad.  However, she is extreamely outgoing.  That, and there are many rumors (of which she doesn't deny) of her making out with person, or sexing it up with another.

Vanessa, although not as pretty, feels more like a normal person to me.  We share certain traits (we are both shy twins).  However, neither of our interests are similar: she likes lacross, soccer, Twilight (not a fangirl, but still) where as mine are in the technical and artful spetrum.  I've also flirted with her a bit, so my conscience will take a toll if she is hurt from me not picking her.

I know Vanessa likes me, and I've noticed Shannon looking at me more commonly than the Oh-I-Was-Just-So-Happening-To-Not-Concentrate-Looking-At-Your-General-Direction look.  So, yeah.  I've never been in a relationship either, so tips on how to ask her out as well as general tips would be appreciated.

: TL;DR • show
Shannon shares interests while Vanessa shares traits.

Crap! / Totally NOT a special day, you guys
« on: October 21, 2010, 06:09:58 am »
Nope, nothing to see here, move on.

Crap! / FamiTracker - Taking Requests
« on: October 03, 2010, 05:13:42 pm »
Yeah, FamiTracker is an awesome 8-bit music maker.  I'm also taking in requests for songs to recreate, giving the sheet music as a submission.
I'd probably be quicker on doing them if it were one of these.

Also, http://famitracker.shoodot.net/

EDIT: Music can't have more than 4 notes at once and more that 1 bass note at once.

Crap! / "I do not think it was done"
« on: September 24, 2010, 11:38:09 pm »
Love Chicken, scenery, fishing and a bad translation.

Well, you know it or not, games, and teachers? เพราะเป็นครั้งแรกที่พระเจ้าไม่ได้ตัดสิน!

Game Design! / Pokemon-esque walking GM8
« on: August 25, 2010, 11:56:46 pm »
My bro's making a game with pokemon grafics, but doesn't know how to keep the player to a grid formation.  He's using Gamemaker 8 Lite. Help?

Crap! / Personal Achievements
« on: August 13, 2010, 05:25:07 pm »
Post your own achievements that you've completed


Crap! / Twin stole porn colection, what do?
« on: August 05, 2010, 12:20:15 pm »
This is how the story goes:

Since my twin is at camp being a CIT and all,  I decided to search through his computer for some porn.  I did find a folder labled "PORN", but all it has was a .txt labled "THE GAME" and contained the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up.  I laughed.

Because I did that too.

After I finished searching through his internet computer, I went to his work computer in his room (not connected to the internet, by the way).  I searched everywhere: pictures, music, the invisible folder I created with him, the folder that looks like disk deframentation, etc.  I finally gave up, and stated going through old memories.  One specific one was one of our atempts to make a Let's Play of Golden Sun.  We never got video and we only have audio.  Anyways, I looked through this folder and I found another invisible folder.  Curious, I opened it up and found porn.  "YAY... wait a..."  One of the folders inside was called "David's".  David being my name, I looked inside and I found all of my folders, exactly how it was positioned on my computer.  It even included pictures from before the time I deleted everything (stupidly).  Now I ask you, what should I do?

tl;dr: Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Crap! / Taking a break
« on: July 09, 2010, 07:42:21 pm »
Yeah, this Sunday, for two weeks, I'm going to a camp.  Not an outdoorsy camp, but a COMPUTER CAMP!  I will learn how to make RPGs, flash animations, and basic programming.

Needless to say, I'll be on WAY less.

General Games! / Let's Play "Aisle"
« on: July 06, 2010, 11:00:34 pm »
You are about to read a story. Or, rather, part of a story.  You will be asked to define the story by controlling one instant in the life of the man whose story it is.  Your intervention will begin and end the story.  But be warned; there are many stories and not all of the stories are about the same man.

This game always ends after one turn, so use your imagination.  Will be accepting multiple answers, put the answers you want in your replies, even if I haven't gotten to previous offers.

Late Thursday night. You've had a hard day and the last thing you need is this:
shopping. Luckily, the place is pretty empty and you're progressing rapidly.   
On to the next aisle.                                                         
Interesting... fresh Gnocchi--you haven't had any of that since... Rome.       
The aisle stretches to the north, and back to the south. The shelves on either
side of you block your view of the rest of the supermarket, with only the     
brightly coloured aisle markers visible.                                       
You have stopped your trolley next to the pasta section, bright plastic bags   
full of pale skin-tone shapes.                                                 
There is a brunette woman a few metres ahead, filling her trolley with sauces.

Crap! / Any good MMORPG?
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:53:32 am »
I really think we should all go and play something online together.  All of us, so no Monster Hunter.  Does anybody know of a good free MMO?  I was thinking like DDO or the likes.

Waits for the ads display countless MMOs

Crap! / My dad...
« on: June 15, 2010, 02:02:01 am »
He wakes up in the middle of the night everynight and spies on me.

Wat do?

General Discussion! / Team Fortress 2
« on: June 11, 2010, 06:12:39 pm »
We've never had a thread just about this game, just people saying "j00 w4nn4 pl4y!!1!???1?!?"

All about Team Fortess two.  Your favorite classes, achievements achieved, ideas hatched, etc.
Also, discuss this treasure I found in the MAC update.

My favorite class is either the Spy or the medic.

Edit: Can I get a Mod to change the poll to be able to vote for 4 things?

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