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Author Topic: RPG Grande  (Read 2049 times)


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RPG Grande
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:57:09 pm »

Rules & Regulations:
No God Modding
You can team up or fight one another
If you are killed, you remain killed
You can't control anyone else's character, only your own (Only I am allowed to do that, just in case someone is inactive for too long)
I control bosses, enemies, and NPC's
If a Participant(s) defeats another participant(s), they gain all their weapons, armor, and items
Enemies will be encountered through dice, if it is 3 or below, no encounter, 4 or above will result in a battle (number of enemies is also determined through dice)
All enemies have 10 HP, no Powers (thus no MP), 3 ATK, 1 DEF, and 2 SPD
Every enemy defeated will award 3 exp. and 10 gold
Limit of Weapons: 3
When you battle creatures (or characters), I will use dice to determine how much damage you do
Limit of Armor: 2
Limit of Powers: 2 (All powers use up 5 MP, damage plus 1 [if attack based] to enemies)
Participant Limit: 18
Every 30 exp. gained will result in a level up
Every time you level up, you get 3 stat points, use them on any stat(s)
The higher your attack, the higher the dice can go in damage (if it was over your ATK, then 0 damage)
While in a battle, if you desire to escape, then the dice must land on a number that is the same or lower then your SPD
Every time you are attacked, the dice will determine how much the ATK was weakened (determined by if it is the same or lower than your DEF, if DEF ends up being higher than the ATK roll, then damage will be 1; if the dice lands on a number higher than the DEF, then damage reduction is 0)

When you enter a town, I will determine shop prices

Just a massive overworld (I will describe things when you reach the location)

Now for the Participant setup: (This will be your first post if you want to participate)
Age (Optional):
Stats: (ATK, SPD, DEF combined must not go over the limit of 9 [must include 1 for each minimum]), (HP and MP combined must not go over the limit of 30 [must also include 1 for both minimum])
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