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Author Topic: Le Dictateur  (Read 706 times)

Neko Desu

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Le Dictateur
« on: June 30, 2012, 01:18:27 am »

Kind of late for this movie, but I just saw it today. Thought the jokes were okay, though many were a bit too predictable and cliche. I also don't like hairy beards. Or hairy pubic areas. Sacha's an Excellent® actor, though - as evidenced by his previous role of Bruno, he clearly isn't afraid to go out and embarrass himself. The plot also exceeded my expectations as I thought this was one of those movies where you left your brain at the door, I didn't think they would involve a love story or any talk about democracy. The funniest joke was probably at the beginning, with the "HIV-Aladeen" gig, which made much of the audience go bawling. I didn't really like Anna Faris, though - her character was rather bubbly and annoying.

Anyone else seen it?