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Author Topic: Update for you all.  (Read 9187 times)


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Update for you all.
« on: September 17, 2011, 02:56:44 pm »

From here on out, reuploading something made by someone else without their consent will result in warnings and/or a ban. If the creator took down the link to a game/engine/project/whatever, you should respect his/her wishes.

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Re: Update for you all.
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2011, 02:59:10 pm »

This is especially relevant to the engines that have been taken down, but additionally, reposting someone else's game with some sprites swapped is much the same, if not worse (as you're trying to claim it for your own). Except heavy consequences, as we are no longer willing to put up with this kind of thing.
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