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Author Topic: IWBTGG - List of Gamejolt Achievements  (Read 2661 times)


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IWBTGG - List of Gamejolt Achievements
« on: July 25, 2012, 06:10:02 pm »

Just thought I'd list all gamejolt achievements. Please do no read if you do not want to see the secret achievements.

Cartogoria - Bronze
Die on the map screen. Description can be found In-Game when this Trophy is achieved. It wasn't a suprise, was it?

Do a Barrel Roll - Bronze
Die to Donkey Kong's Barrels! They're barrels of fun!

No Pattern Recognition - Bronze
You jumped into an axe. You Retard.

Bad Apple - Bronze
The kids who abandoned Hometown have not been tending the Fruit Trees. While they lack the malice of real fruit, touching them is still lethal.

First of Many - Bronze
Die your first death! You'll die a lot more, but the first time is always special!

Hyakuretsu Dead - Bronze
Die 100 Deaths! Omae wa mo shindeiru!

Shin ShunGokuSatsu - Bronze
Die 1000 Deaths! HEERRRYYYYYGH~!

Scaling the Tower - Gold
Scale the outside of DK's Tower. Bet you wished knew that the first time you did the stage.

Drunken Missile Run - Gold
Save without killing any soldiers. Why you didn't kill them is beyond me.

Red Herring - Gold
Okay look, that was impressive, but there isn't anything here. Try something else.

W.V.B.A Champion - Gold
Defeat Bald Bull! Great fighting! You won by TKO!

Bugged Act 1 Ironman - Platinum
Congrats, you beat the game a week from release. :D

Act 1 Ironman - Platinum
Clear all three stages of Act 1 with 0 Deaths on each Stage

That should be all achievements to date (25/07/2012). Strangely enough there's no silver achievements.
If this kind of spoiler is not acceptable I'll delete the post.


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Re: IWBTGG - List of Gamejolt Achievements
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2012, 03:43:00 pm »

There are no silvers because the trophies are organized as "Demerits" and "Achievements" Since Gamejolt doesn't support a layout like that, using Bronze for "not actually an achievement" and Gold for the positive ones seemed good. Saved Plat for Ironman. While the game it's self doesn't put it in a different class, I figured it'd be nice for people who care about trophies on GJ.