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Author Topic: Very Hard is easier than easy?  (Read 2798 times)


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Very Hard is easier than easy?
« on: August 13, 2012, 03:48:44 am »

I heard about this game yesterday... downloaded it and started playing on easy. Took me like 5 hours to finish it first time lols... ok, second time took "only" 1 hour. But then i deleted it... ok.

Today, i downloaded it again and tried very hard and for my surprise the very hard was waaaaaaaaaaay easier than the easy mode.... and then i tried to play on easy mode and it doesn't allow me, it link me to a barbie web page instead.

Despite of the barbie trolling i'm still asking myself why easy was harder than very hard? And why can't i play on that easy mode again? I will list down some stuff i've seem in easy mode yesterday but they are not in very hard today:

1 - Lakitu (mario's cloud guy) in every stage/room (even stage select screen)
2 - More than 1 super shot to kill soldiers
3 - an airplane to dodge at the beggining of stage 1
4 - extra "falling plataforms" in stage 1
5 - donkey kong throwing 2,3,4 barrels instead of 1,2,3
6 - more killing objects
7 - less plataforms
8 - Mr Sandman as final boss instead of Bald Bull

Can any1 explain me if the version today is diferent from yesterday? And if there is any way to play with lakitu in all maps again?


Oh well nvm, i'm new to this, i just found out reading the forums it was a "special mode"... wow way to start the game lol
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