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Author Topic: IWBTG Minecraft Resource Pack  (Read 18500 times)


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Re: IWBTG Minecraft Resource Pack
« Reply #30 on: October 10, 2013, 07:32:47 am »

...Lol I've never even played on the computer. Survival on the pocket edition isn't fun at all, since there's no redstone or anything like that. (The coolest thing is the nether reactor, but even that is pointless, and took me forever too mine all the gold for, just to find out that

It just turns everything into netherrack, spawning zombies which kill you instantaneously.

So for the past month, I've been playing on creative mode, creating what I've dubbed "Project Ocean". Basically I'm flattening all the land on the map (Which is possible to do in the pocket edition, since the area isn't that big.) and getting rid of all the water in the process. Then, I'm going to dig the entire world to the bedrock, but cover it with one layer of stone back up at the surface. Then I'm going to fill the surface with water, and mine the surface layer, effectively filling the entire area with water down to the bedrock, so  I'll ultimately have a giant ocean to swim in.

I'm nowhere near complete with even the first step. This is going to take a while. But I think the end result is worth it.

Dude, dont.
Use the seed "blank"
No quotations and its all lowercase. Its a seed with little land but a huge ocean so its perfect.
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Re: IWBTG Minecraft Resource Pack
« Reply #31 on: October 23, 2013, 01:35:17 am »

Spike block really really sucks.
But everything else is very cool im going to play Minecraft with this texture pack 8|


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Re: IWBTG Minecraft Resource Pack
« Reply #32 on: November 20, 2015, 11:25:05 am »

I have not played minecraft for a long time, well if I do again I atleast know the texture pack to use.
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