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Gaiden 1.2 patch released. Click here to download!

Author Topic: Forgive my ignorance but what is I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden (EVO CHAMPIONSHIP SE  (Read 2183 times)


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I was watching an I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden Walkthroug by Vardoc1 btw his first part was this one:

Part 1

Up this point everything seems to me usual, but some days later when he did the second part…

Part 2

He (Vardoc) did the mention (on spanish 'couse he's from Chile) that "at seems the game have been updated" and for that reason he decides to restart the guide from the beginning. Now the game looks pretty tweaked here some examples:

- A message on the top of the screen saying EVO ONE MONTH ANNYVERSARY!
- Heads appears sometimes instead of fishes (Cheep-Cheep)
-When you die and press R to try again a message saying EVO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES can be seen next to the music source at the bottom of the screen.
-Stamina added to foes
-Reworked some traps and added some others.

Here I put some captures

Again when he made the part 3 some days later, for some reason the game returns to normality (or at least he played the ver. used on the first part I don't know) He don't say anything about this during the video.

Part 3

Well… it's a tonned up iwbtg: gaiden overall and I would take up the challenge but, the question is… what's it about? or how I can get this alternate ver? (I have not found any download links, even here) . So please forgive my ignorance and be an explanatory guy/gal with me.

PS: When will be released iwbtg: gaiden Act 2? I mean, the game is discontinued, isn't? It's just like Kayin is out of ideas, his creativity is over or what's the matter?


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I don't think it changed difficulty? But I can set commands for the game to have global events (which... no real reason to do now but w/e, the web connection stuff is still in).

So Gaiden was made to troll the fighting game player and LPer Floe during the EVO Championship, which is a fighting game tournament. If you look it up you can see the live event we did, complete with commentators. It was a lot of fun.