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Author Topic: Frictions, Aiming other ways than just left and right, and ducking+sliding  (Read 830 times)


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So, as you would expect, I want to make a fangame of IWBTG using some engines that I may possibly convert into Game Maker: Studio if I could, and there are some recodings for The Kid/Any other protagonist I could use.

Frictions; I know you'd be asking why do I need to use frictions.. Well, I don't know why, but the whole stopping straight away when you let go of the left and right buttons slightly bothers me, so I just need to know how to make frictions
             for the character, but obviously lowered so the character doesn't easily slide into a trap.

Aiming other ways than just left and right; The main thing I want to know is how do I make the character aim up and down (when he is in the air), because I just want to make my game slightly different than just walking, jumping, and
                                                          shooting left and right basic mechanic.

Ducking + (optional) Sliding; Well, some obstacles/traps/attacks would need some duckings and slidings.. Even if the character's a small entity, but it could be helpful if the character is slightly bigger.


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Probably asking I Wanna Community might be better.
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