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« on: August 05, 2016, 07:15:11 pm »

These are not opinions these are calculated facts.

8. Bowser Wart Wily.
No consideration. The absolute worst shittest boss in the game. I don't think anybody has a good opinion on this boss, I don't think anybody can have a good opinion on this boss. It's just badly designed. A pain in the ass. It's basically wasting 3 minutes of your life just to get a chance to jump over a bowling ball. If you do it then you win but if you die then you have to endure all that pointless shite again. What were they thinking? The phases aren't even funny and each of them has their own problem.
Bowser: I don't get it. How do you even lose? You just stand in a corner and it can't do a fucking thing.
Wart: It's just a mistake. Mindless finger raping button mash phase.
Willy: Not even a good climax. Has 2 attacks and fire comes out of the floor for no reason. It's either you do it or you die. Zero strategy.

7. Mike Tyson
Fuck me man.. You know you got a problem with your 'hard game' when one boss is easier than a normal enemy. The game would be legitimately better if it wasn't there. Just a waste of line of codes. It's just a borefest where you don't know the fuck you're doing first time and you never die to it afterwards. It's so easy that it doesn't deserve to be a boss. Zero lethality once you know how to fight it. Shouldn't exist.

6. Kraidgief
It's hard to talk about bosses when they're this shit but gotta fill the blanks... So, what is even there to say about this? It's just a nothing. When I fall down through the tunnel to the bossfight there's nothing there. It's so fucking boring that the creator himself made a way to skip it. And it's not even a secret or anything you just press K in your keyboard and that's it. Zero lethality. You don't even think, you press K, and it dies. Waste of space and again, the game would be better if it wasn't there.

5. Dracula
It isn't even interesting. It proceeds the worst area in the game and it's an RNG reliant bullshit fight where you can kill it in like 2 deaths or it could take fucking forever. Badly designed generic vampire boss. One redeeming factor is that the opening cutsene is pretty funny but after that, it's just nothing. It's not shit but it has NOTHING going for it.

4. Mecha Dragon
Meh bossfight I suppose you could say that. It proceeds a real cool area and the bossfight features some unique platforming elements, but.. It's not challanging enough. You hit him a couple of times, dodge the bugs and rinse repeat. It had to have a bullshit part in the end where you die if your jump isn't pixel perfect, and that's just a lame cheap-ass way to make the boss harder. If that part wasn't there this legitimately would be a better fight.

3. Mother Brain
Now we get to good category from now on. Mother brain is a very well designed and fun bossfight. It's a bit button mashing but at the same time it's design is very cool and it teaches to be aware of your surroundings. It's not an easy fight but it feels rewarding when you beat it because it's just well designed. It's hard, has cool design and it doesn't feel that cheap.

2. Mecha Birdo
It's just such a fun fight. It is only slightly challenging I guess, but the bossfight itself is really well done. You constantly have to keep track of what's going on and do a bit of platforming instead of blindly shooting the boss. It has 3 different phases and all of them is unique and requires a different playstyle. Also has an awesome arena and music. Overall it's a fun and unique bossfight and really feels like something after fighting the shit that is Mike Tyson.

1. The Guy
Such a climactic end game bossfight. Ends the game perfectly. It's not even slightly dissapointing. Being probably the hardest fight in the game it doesn't feel bullshit. You have to learn how to dodge his attacks in the first phase and slowly master this phase if you want to be ready for the second phase. And the transition to the second phase is great as well. It goes through the window and happy music plays for a while.. Then comes the second phase. You're filled with adrenaline at this point and you don't know what are you supposed to do. Second phase is so much different than the first as in you probably aren't aware of what are you doing but it's designed in such a good way that you can beat it even if you don't know what are you doing because of all the constant running around and aggresive shooting you have to do. It's amazing, has cool arena and music and it's just very very good.
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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2018, 01:03:44 am »

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