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Author Topic: Freshly Written Walkthrough < Spoilers Inside >  (Read 3126 times)


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Freshly Written Walkthrough < Spoilers Inside >
« on: January 09, 2010, 01:46:03 pm »

Attached is a full walkthrough for the game. Pictures were a bit bigger than the attachment limit so I went ahead and hosted the zipped folder here http://sharesend.com/tq1nx.  The full zip file includes a screenshot of every screen and a full map where all of the pieces are put together. Posting part of the intro here:

About the guide: My guide will be separated into each room in the game and will include a picture reference and textual guide. Part a of each room consists of the traps that you will run into in the order that you will encounter them (well, hopefully the right order). Part b of each room consists of the ways that I completed each obstacle and my advice for staying alive.  The base of the arrows in each picture will show you what is going to move and in what direction or where it is going to move to. The red lines are the trap triggers, an area of space you must touch to trigger a trap. The trap lines are most important when you must peek an object. The red lines are NOT EXACT but I have done my best to get them as close as possible. Red lines are not included for every trap, but I have put in the ones that I feel are actually helpful (as of now I think I have all of them). Green lines albeit rare mean that after you trigger a trap that you must move under to survive, you can stop here and be safe...at least from the previous trap (this got phased out for the most part). These lines are much like red lines in that they are not exact but give a good estimate. Save points with the label “WUSS” are only available on medium. Saving should be obvious. If you're near a save, you should probably go ahead and shoot it. Other than in cases where you might not think about saving in a certain manner or dangerous saves I will not be mentioning it. Any time I mention numbers in an increasing order, #1 is almost guaranteed to start at what is closest to you when you enter the screen and increase in order as you move to the opposite side of the screen. When talking about standing on objects it should be noted that your entire character need not be on the object, just part of either foot. Thus is the basics of platforming.

I also have the world map uploaded to photobucket now check the spoiler.

If you use the guide please post some feedback (corrections whatever) as I'm thinking about making a video guide as well.
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Re: Freshly Written Walkthrough < Spoilers Inside >
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 10:22:46 am »

Other than the addition of extra saves to make my life easier, this in no way changes the game so stop complaining about the pink bow in the pictures this is for my sanity and your benefit!
You are breaking the spirit of the game, you aren't SUPPOSED to be sane after completing it.

I also save at least twice when possible because I am paranoid.
This game will do that to you.