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Author Topic: IWSTK - Sandbox completion deletes stage 1 save  (Read 1359 times)


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IWSTK - Sandbox completion deletes stage 1 save
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:37:37 pm »

First, this kinda stems from an already existant bug:

If two or more kids are directly in line with one another and cross to the exit, they'll count as one kid.

this happens in the sandbox level, which makes it traditionally impossible to "complete" if you wanted to.

Well, I wanted to, so I hit "h" a few times to keep the kids separated as they fell, and managed to get them all to register in the exit, so I finish and it congratulates me.

Now any record of stage 1's completion is gone, but stage 2's completion record is still there. Now I can't go to stage 3 unless I do 1 again.

Not a big deal, just like the other bug I posted, but I figure it's better to get these things out in the open before you start working on this game a little more, Kayin.
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