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Author Topic: "Working on a game" or (The quest for the ball)  (Read 5322 times)


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Re: "Working on a game" or (The quest for the ball)
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2010, 01:51:51 pm »

That was a pretty stupid bet :S Were you sober at the time?
I don't have much experience with designing, but I'll happily test anything to death, for the sake of your testicles.
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Re: "Working on a game" or (The quest for the ball)
« Reply #16 on: May 02, 2010, 01:51:10 pm »

Errr.... thanks?  ???
Believe it or not I was not drunk, and even tough I'm a newbie on MMF2 I have some experience with programing logic (strings, variables, for, while, events,etc) if I keep it simple, it's not that hard, but it IS time consuming, also MMF2 seems very flexible, you can do the same things in different way, for example, how to drop a spike at the character, you can use active objects as triggers, make the triggers invisible and let the magic work, or you could simply drop the spike when the character is at certain coordinates with no objects used as triggers. Simple in most aspects, but very time consuming if you want a shitload of falling spikes on your level. The thing I'm finding most difficult for now is the goddamn sprites and all the graphic/sound related stuff.

For the game I don't intend to upload it here every time I get something new, actually the file I posted here is not the same file I'm using in the game, it's just the same engine(Some parts of it). I just wanted to know if the controls are OK. The plan is to launch a Demo on January 1st that pretty much covers the bet.
The conditions are:
- A minimum of 30 minutes of gameplay.
- At least 2 levels
- 1 original tune (Even if I have to make it by myself and it sounds like crap)
- Basic artwork (sprites & backgrounds, absolutely no rips, OC only.)
- 1 Boss
- I can get people I know IRL to help me (nobody wants to, yet)
If I fail at doing this "simple" task, I loose the ball.
If I win, I get a 6 dollar burger.

Just think about this, my friend and a friend of his programmed an awesome iPhone application, capable of tracking every single gas station in the country in less than one year. And they knew absolutely nothing about how the SDK for iPhone worked. Shame on me If I can't make a simple game by the end of the year.
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