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Author Topic: My Review of IWBTG  (Read 1890 times)

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My Review of IWBTG
« on: March 05, 2008, 08:24:44 pm »

Oh god i made a review of this game. Oh well, enjoy my horrible grammar skills!

I might make a video review of this too if I get the time.

I Wanna be the Guy

"In the Year 200X, on his 15th birthday, a child left home on his dangerous and epic quest...to become The Guy!" the game begins in a Megaman 2 like intro. That's right, you want to be The Guy, and it isn't an easy quest. See those apples (or giant cherries...) on the trees? Yeah, that's the first hint not what to do. "I Wanna Be The Guy" is a game based off the old retro times whenever 8-bit were the best graphics, and old Nintendo games were the best. If you never played old video games such as the Megaman series, and other classic games like Punch-Out, you will not get this game at all.

Graphics - 8/10

The whole game is 8-bit, though there are some instances of 16-bit. There isn't really that much to say about the graphics, except that there are certain mixtures of bit eras.

Controls - 9/10

The controls can be changed to your likings, however some things can be pretty glitched. Double jumps can be sometimes glitched, and you can sometimes only shoot 3 bullets.

The default controls:

Control Pad - Move Left and Right
Left Shift - Jump
Z - Shoot (can shoot 4 bullets max, sometimes glitched to 3.)
Q - Suicide
S - Skip Cutscenes (You will only use this about 3 times)
R - Reset

Storyline - 9/10

The storyline is simple: You want to be The Guy. You get your gun from former grandfather The Guy, and you want to collect 6 units in order to defeat The Guy, to become The Guy. Throughout the game you can make your own storyline, and once you meet the end, you will see something that'll require motif to figure out after all of this mess.

Gameplay - 10/10

This game WILL make you pissed off. Remember what I said about the first apple, er, cherry..."Delicious Fruit"? Whatever. Anyway, yeah; THOSE KILL YOU. In fact, probably everything in this game can kill you. So unless you have trial-and-error skills, you won't get passed the first screen of the game.

Music and Sound - 8/10

There are plenty of retro music in this game for you! The sounds are appropriate for this game too. The problem with the music is that it starts over once you restart, so unless you want to get used to the music, you might as well just turn it off and put on your own set of music. Though if you played the game, you would enjoy every bit of it.

Replay Value - 10/10

Throughout the latest versions, you can go back to the Divine Room of Transport and go to any world you want to. There is also a Boss Rush mode once you beat the game, and also the options of 4 game difficulties; Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Impossible.

Total Score - 9/10

I Wanna be the Guy can be the best game I could probably play, but with more content being added to it, I can not say this is a perfect game for now. This game will get you to punch a hole in the wall, and make you go insane. So if you want to become The Guy, try to keep a stright face. In fact, I dare you too.