How (and why) NOT to Contact Me

Read this FIRST
    How Not
  • Requesting me on facebook. My facebook is for personal family and friends. You can subscribe to my stream, but don't expect me to communicate with you. Do NOT message me on facebook. I will probably NEVER notice it.
  • PM me on the Forums. I do not use the forums much. Do NOT expect me to get back to you in a timely manner if you message me there.
  • The official IRC channel is a crapshoot as we all idle a lot. You can try, but I'd suggest using ANOTHER method.
  • If you somehow get my AIM or something and you message me, I'll probably want to kill you. I'll likely just block you, so don't.
  • Generally speaking, if the method is not listed, it's probably not a good way to get in contact with me and you're more likely to annoy me than anything else.

  • Why Not
  • Because you need detailed help making a game. I do not have the time, resources or even the SKILL to help you. I can suggest programs to use or tell you what I use, but don't expect me to tell you how to code something. Google tutorials. The most I can give you is opinions.
  • Because you trashed your save. Post on the forum. There is a thread for it. Or Download I Wanna Be the Fix and do it your self. I don't even have the resources to help anymore.
  • Because you want to report bugs for the original IWBTG. I can't even edit the source file anymore and I can't do anything to update the game. If you want, post on the forum. Someone might one day use the source code to upgrade the game and your report might be useful to them.
  • To ask for permission to monetize on youtube. Just read this. The short answer is "Yes".
  • Same goes with making fan games or including IWBTG the guy references in your game. Unless you expect to make more than 1000$ dollars off your game, I really don't care. If you think it's a cool reference and want to show me, go ahead, but you don't HAVE to ask. If you expect a large release for a commercial game though, talk to me first. The answer will almost certainly still be Yes, but I'll probably have more questions.

How to Actually Contact Me or Keep Up with What I'm Doing

  • EMAIL: - I love email. It's the easiest way for me to have an indepth conversation with you and I can get to it at my leisure. I might sometimes miss your email, but in general this is one of my preferred ways to communicate with fans.
  • TWITTER: @KayinNasaki - If there is anything I love more than email, it's twitter. This is probably the easiest way to get a response from me in a timely manner. I'm very chatty on twitter so if your message can fit into a tweet or too, this is the way to go.
  • MY BLOG KayinWorks - This is a great way to see what I'm up to and I love comments. I respond to almost everything, as long as it's on topic, so depending on what you want to talk about, commenting on my blog can be great. I'd also like to think that I write OK things sometimes.
  • TUMBLR KayinNasaki - I'm kinda new to tumblr and it's mostly me posting cool animations and pretty ladies, but it has an ASK function that I'd gladly use to publically answer any questions. If you like my stream, this might be a cool place to follow me. I also mirror my major blog entries over there.
  • I have a youtube account. I rarely use it. You CAN use it, especially if you're commenting on a video, but it's the place where I'm least likely to reply. I'm not even going to link it for that reason. If you DO use it, I won't be annoyed, but be warned: I might never get back to you.

Reasonable Expectations

I'm a busy scatterbrain. Don't expect fast replies. Do NOT expect me to refollow you on twitter or tumblr or WHATEVER. I keep my streams very clean and only follow people I personally know, or whom have content that interest me. This DOES NOT mean I don't like you. Many fans who I've become friends with went quite awhile before I decided to follow them. I just have to be selective so I can keep my streams useful to me. It is NOTHING personal and you're free to bug the hell out of me with @ mentions or whatever.

Generally speaking, just keep it reasonable. If you feel like you asked something legitimate and I never got to you, wait a week and send it again. Be polite and ask if I missed your email.
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