I Wanna be the Guy: Remastered is not a project by me, though it was made with my feedback and represented the nicest, most stable and featureful way to experience I Wanna be the Guy. For the vast majority of players, there is no downside to playing this version and I endorse it in full.

This is the recommended version of the game.

Downloads for the original I Wanna be the Guy, and I Wanna be the Guy: Gaiden. While both ask you to pay to download them, if it's your first time I suggest putting in a zero (though if you want to pay anyways, I won't stop you!). If IWBTG has given you a good time in the past and you're feeling generous, please feel free to throw a few dollars my way.

Legacy Download Links

I Wanna Be the Guy:Gaiden Version 1.0 BETA

Act 1! Episodic Content! Bionic Arms! 3 Stages!
Downloads Click here

I Wanna Be the Guy Version 1.0.0

The famous Masocore indy freeware game. Link leads to Gamejolt, where both the slo-mo and frameskip versions are kept.
Downloads Click here

Wanna Be the Fix Version 1.0

This is a save fixer created by forum member, Salamanderssc. Please note it's existance before scrolling below to download I Wanna Be The Guy, so you know where to go if you happen to screw your save up.
Downloads Click here

I Wanna Save the Kids *Discontinued* Version 1.0

This is the demo for the lemming like IWSTK! Remember to make sure theres a save directory in the same directory as the exe! The one for your IWBTG saves should work!.
Downloads Click here

Random Source Code Who knows!

The source I released for IWBTG and IWSTK. No support offered. Requires MMF2. Will be broken in modern versions.
Downloads Click here

Copyright (c) 2007 Kayin, All Rights Reserved. Besides all that stuff that obviously isn't mine