Problem Fixing (IWBTG/IWBTG:G)
Q: I can't always double jump!
A: You're falling off the platform you're on before jumping. Be careful!

Q: Can I get IWBTG/IWBTG:G on my PSP/DS? :D :D :D :D
A: No. both are impossible to port. If you wanna do IWBTG, the source is available on the forums. Knock your self out.

Q: What about Mac/Linux? D:
A: WINE works, at least with the original. IWBTG:G uses DirectX so it's a little trickier there, though I believe it's still possible. Go google it and give it a try! :D

Q: How about getting this jam on Steam>? Or how about selling it?
A: Ahahaha no. That would be a legal nightmare. IWBTG, like mashups, is, I think, ethical but not entirely -legal-. Grey at best. And most companies turn a blind eye to this, but trying to legitimize it too much (like putting an unauthorized mashup on itunes) would likely to create issues. And I'm absolutely not going to see it, on Steam or not. Besides, why do you want it on steam anyways? Steam sucks and you can add external game links to your library anyways.

Q: What do I do at the game over room?
A: It's the only actual intended dead end in the game. It might serve like a 'Cranky Kong' in later versions, giving out advice. Maybe.

Problem Fixing (Original IWBTG)
Q: I don't have sound!/I freeze when picking up orbs!
A: Take a look at This Thread. No promises, but it might help you!

Q: The game crashes a lot! :(
A: I know, it makes me sad too. MMF2 kind of sucks. But this post might help you.

Emotional Overreactions (General)
Q: You're a bastard.
A: Yes.

A: They're more like giant cherries....

Q: What the fuck is your problem?
A: I love you too much. :( Don't leave me.

Q: Why is this game so fucking hard?
A: A whim, really. I played a 2chan flash game that was stupid-hard like this called Owata. It was incomplete at the time so I figured "I could do better". I needed a practice project. It just happened to grow into a big game. The pain makes the humor all the better, though!

Q: Is this a reference to Homestar Runn~
A: NO. It resulted from my friend Eric babbling random stuff. I forgot the exact conversation but I was talking about the game premise and Eric said something like "It should be Guy Quest 64"(It was a different name involving Guy) "Dude, I'm never going to let you be a Guy." "But I wanna be the Guy. :(" .... And I instantly laughed at the idea of using that for the name. But yes, I'm pretty sure both of that saw the Homestar runner clip and it is theoretical that it planted the mental foot note for us to come up with the name, but it is in no way a reference.

Q: You just make it hard as a substitute for good level design.
As IWBTG gets older, this opinion has fallen out of favor a bit, but I still hear it from time to time. I'm not going to pretend to be a master level designer, but comments like this are ignorent to what 'good level design' actually is. Most people think aesthetically, without thinking about the gameplay elements. Aesthetics are actually a big part of it, but that is only a fraction of the whole story.

I Wanna be the Guy is a game about subversion. It's also a humor driven game. Predicting a players actions perfectly as to maximize surprise and humor/frustration is a way a game can have good level design. The level design is accomplishing it's goal and doing so quite well. The pacing of a game like this is also critical. How much the player is expected to die really influences what the next trap should be and how hard it is to overcome.

Random traps are NOT a real crutch. If used wrong, they are SUICIDE for a game's popularity. It's very hard to have a brutal, mean game while still 'tricking' people to finish it. If a game is popular and brutal it probably has something else going on that makes it work. Instead of lashing against them, look at them closer and try and understand how they work. You might not like them, but you'll probably learn something!

Q: You seem to go by Kayin Nasaki someplaces. Are you Japanese? Some sort of a weaboo?
A: No/A little. I prefer just "Kayin". If you want to say my full name, it's Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly. If you're going to talk to me, just Mike or Kayin is fine. Please don't refer to me as Kayin Nasaki. The name comes from an old roleplay character (yes, I am a huge dork) and I'd rather put KayinNasaki down when Kayin is taken somewhere rather than KayinIWBTG, or _Kayin_ or something like that. I have a classic adversement to user names like that and by always taking Kayin or KayinNasaki, I'm easy to find.

Q: What is this game made in?
A: It's a rom hack of battle toads.

Q: But battle toads wasn't anything like this!
A: It is toward the end? Have you ever got to the end of battle toads?

Q: No but...
A: Then shut your whore ass mouth and take my word for it. I also used a bit of Multimedia Fusion 2.

Q: What about Gaiden?
A: Uuuhh... It's..... a... uhm.. Cheetahmen rom hack! Yeah, totally that! Also that uses a bit of Construct!

Q: Would you recommend Multimedia Fusion 2?
A: HELL NAH. MMF2 is terrible. I regret using it

Q: What about Construct Classic?
A: I wish I could recommend it. It has almost as many problems as MMF2, but they're different, more tolerable ones. CC is far more powerful. But it's out of development and Construct 2 uses HTML5. Your projects might be appropriate for HTML5, but mine are not, so I can't recommend it from experience. Still, if it's a cleaner, more stable version of Construct Classic, it's probably wonderful. I'm going to start looking into Unity, personally, using Spriter as the animation backend.

Q: I use MMF2, what sort of movement engine do you use?
A: In MMF2 I learned what was called a 'Fastloop' engine. I still sorta use the same thing now in construct. It's probably the same way most platform engines are done. So go read some manual engine tutorials.

Q: What is the source of the art/music/whatever
A: A lot of the stage art is mine, though I'm really lazy with it in IWBTG. Gaiden is made up mostly of original tiles, though some use Bionic Commando as a reference (for obvious reasons). Sprites were either hand ripped or jacked from The Shy Guy Kingdom or Spriters Resource. Music is from their respected games, ripped from an NSF file. Gaiden uses some remixes. If I'm using your remix without your permission it's because I couldn't find you. Ask me and I'll replace it. I purposely went out of my way to make sure people were given credit IN GAME in Gaiden.

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